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Commencement and Diploma Information

Graduation Policies

All candidates are required to file the Application for Degree with the Office of the University Registrar on or before the latest date to apply for graduation as published in the Academic Calendar. Students can apply online by logging on to your STUDENT PROFILE and selecting APPLY TO GRADUATE from the left-hand side menu.

All coursework must be complete and all graduation requirements met by the date as published in the Academic Calendar. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disapproval of the student's application. Candidates who are not cleared for graduation must reapply for graduation at the beginning of the semester when completion is anticipated and by the published deadline. Students are cleared for their degrees after all grades for their final semester have been submitted and reviewed. Given this delay, diplomas are released several weeks later, and the diploma release dates are published on the Diplomas web page. A final transcript will be included with the diploma.

As of August 2021, all diplomas will be mailed to students' Home/Permanent Addresses (or Foreign Address for international students) unless a Diploma Address is added to Self-Service Banner to specify a different address for the diploma. Students are responsible for reviewing their address in Self-Service Banner and adding a Diploma Address if necessary. Should a diploma be returned to the university because an address is undeliverable, the student will be responsible for payment of fees to mail the diploma a second time.

Only the degree name prints on the diploma. Majors, minors, and concentrations print only on the official transcript.

For additional details regarding graduation policies, please visit the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs. 

Information Technology Graduation Checklist

As you prepare for graduation and your next endeavor, please be sure to take a few moments and review some important technology notes regarding your MultiPass and email accounts.