The purpose of Cross-Registration is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting students at any of the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) institutions to take courses at any other PCHE institution. The complete list of PCHE schools is below.

The opportunity to cross-register is open to full-time students enrolled in a PCHE college or university. Duquesne University requires that all incoming students provide proof of having received the Covid vaccine.

Each college or university accepts registration from the other institutions; however, first priority in registration is given to students of the host college.

Not all departments or schools at all institutions participate in this program. Graduate business students may only be considered for cross-registration at one of the AACSB-accredited PCHE institutions. In each case of student cross-registration, the approval of the Dean or designated individual from the home college or university must be obtained prior to registration. The student’s advisor or dean is responsible for assuring the student’s eligibility for the course in which s/he intends to enroll.

Full credit and grades will be transferred; the academic regulations of the host institution will prevail.

The academic integrity code and other rules of conduct of the host institution apply with regard to its courses and behavior on its campus. The host institution also determines whether its rules have or have not been violated. The student’s home institution will impose such penalties as it considers proper when violations are reported.

Cross registrants do not acquire the status of students in the institutions from which they are receiving instruction (e.g., for purposes of participation in student activities, insurance programs, etc.). They do receive library privileges at the host institution and may purchase course texts at the host bookstore.

Each qualified student normally may enroll in no more than one cross-registration course in any one term or semester under this program.

Duquesne University students who are participating in this program are charged tuition and university fees in accordance with the current rates of Duquesne University; however, students are responsible for paying any additional course or laboratory fees to the host institution.

This cross-registration program does not apply to the summer sessions at any of the institutions. However, taking courses at other institutions during those terms is facilitated by “temporary transfer student” procedures separately agreed to by the PCHE colleges and universities.

Students are encouraged to submit cross-registration forms during pre-registration in order to provide adequate time to receive proper notification of course enrollment.

All incoming cross-registration forms must be processed before the first day of class in either the Fall or Spring semesters, according to the Duquesne University Academic Calendar.


Students must complete the PCHE Cross-Registration form online and then print it. (The form cannot be printed unless it has been filled out--with all required fields complete.) Refer to the PCHE Cross-Registration instructions if you have questions.  When adding your address, use a local address, as this is where your enrollment notification will be mailed. Refer to our troubleshooting instructions if you have difficulty opening the PCHE Cross-Registration form.  Or simply "right click" on the form, save to your device, and open in Adobe Reader.  The completed form must be signed by the student and by the student's advisor prior to submission to the Office of the University Registrar or the Law School Registrar (law students). The Registrar of the host institution will notify applicants regarding their enrollment status. Notifications are mailed to the address provided on the Cross-Registration form.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify their academic advisor and the Office of the University Registrar if they cancel or withdraw from their cross-registered class. The Office of the University Registrar will provide a Drop/Withdrawal Request Form that the student must complete, sign, and return to the host institution. The drop/withdrawal dates of the host institution prevail.