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Student System Upgrades from Version 8 to Version 9

Banner, a third-party system developed by Ellucian, is the University's main administrative computing system used campus-wide. Ellucian is in the process of upgrading Self-Service Banner (SSB) from Version 8 (v8) to Version 9 (v9).  As a result, Duquesne University will be transitioning from v8 to v9 as well.

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Enhanced SSB Registration Version 9 is Here!

The registration system has been upgraded to a new and improved version. The enhanced features of v9 enable students to prepare multiple class schedule options in advance of registration and save them as “plans.” When it is time to register, students can select a plan and proceed to register from the pre-planned schedule.

Please reference the User Guides and Watch the Videos, accessible below, for details and instructions to use the upgraded registration system. 

User Guides

Watch These Videos

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Self-Service Banner Version 8 to Version 9 Overview

The transition from SSB v8 to SSB v9 is a work-in-progress. The chart below provides details on a module-by-module basis of the University's planned migration. 

August 2019-Completed Advisors: Advising Student Profile
Student Card with Photos
View Grades
October 2019-Completed Students: Student Profile
Student Card with Photo
View Grades
March 2020-Completed Students: Registration
Registration Planning
Course Catalog
Class Schedule
Registration Status
June 2021
Faculty: Class Rosters with student photos
Midterm and Final Grade Rosters with student photos
Faculty Student Profile
Student Card
Schedule View - tentative
TBD Students: FERPA Survey
FERPA Survey results (student summary page)
Local address/emergency contact updates