Your Opportunities at Duquesne

Your college journey starts here. And like most journeys, there are many pathways you can take that can lead to achieving your biggest goals! It’s an exciting time to be open to discovery and to try new things.

That’s why if you’re considering possible majors and weighing what to choose, no worries! Let us know you want to explore different possibilities. Our Bridges Common Learning Experience, our commitment to your experience, and our distinctive setting are ideal for helping you explore.  

As you discover and dig in to what you’re good at and learn why that’s good for the world, we can help.

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We're Prepared for You

Duquesne grads are prepared for anything. And our staff is prepared for anything you may want to explore. Let us know you want to explore your options, and we'll get you started!

you can take many paths

When I started at Duquesne, I knew I was interested in media but wasn’t completely sure which facet of it I wanted to study. During my freshman year, I made a point to take classes from a variety of programs and was quickly able to get a clearer insight into what exactly I wanted to do in the future. I ultimately chose Integrated Marketing Communication because I wanted to get a broad understanding of the field and learn both marketing and PR since they are so interconnected in the real world.

Caroline Kucko Corporate Communications Coordinator, Sirius FM
student in commencement robes at ceremony

I started as undecided in the business school. After my first week of classes I looked at what other majors Duquesne offered because I knew I loved the University, but was second-guessing my choice in major. I waited it out to test the waters in all sectors of business, and found the most enjoyment in marketing and communications. Once I was a second semester sophomore, I did an internal transfer to the liberal arts school to study integrated marketing communications. I knew I made the right choice because I loved my classes and could actually visualize the path to my future endeavors.

Samantha Vail marketing professional, Ronin
male student Connor Lenz

I chose Duquesne for its high quality academics, great campus life, and the elite football program. I’m an undecided science major and I’m exploring different areas of study and learning more. I decided to go undecided because I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the program I was in. My advisors always have lots of helpful tips and suggestions. I'm pursuing something in the sciences because I am passionate about working out and health/nutrition, so I want to be something along the lines of a trainer or coach.

Connor Lenz exploring science options

you have many ways to explore—in the classroom and beyond

Duquesne is big enough to have many options—and close-knit enough to make great connections along the way.

250+Student Organizations

Try a few out to see what you like. One of the best ways to discover your major is to get involved in things that interest you. You’ll meet great people doing things you might not know are possible. And you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime!

90Location Matters

You’ll find plenty to do both on and off campus. Duquesne is situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, a city of 90 diverse neighborhoods where everyone can be themselves. And just a few blocks from campus, you’ll find Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and startups—for internships and work, plus three major-league sports teams and a cultural district—for play!

9Schools of Study

When you’re ready to choose the major that fits your goals, we’ll be ready to help you make the most of your academic ambitions. With 80 undergraduate programs and 90 graduate programs, you’ll find just the right fit for you.

1:1 HelpLearning Together

You’ll feel supported at Duquesne University by the many people who work together to help you succeed. Our student success coaches know that, as a Pathways student, you are looking to explore. They will help you plan your classes, your course schedule and your overall study experience.

Thoughtful exploration

In the U.S., 75 percent of all college students change their major at least once. It's not that students are indecisive. Rather, students make changes because they learn, explore, and refine their sense of what they can do to lead a meaningful life and career. Because they thoughtfully explore paths, cross bridges, and make connections that expand their horizons, Duquesne students leave feeling prepared for anything. You can, too.