About the Pathway Program

The Pathway Program grants you time to work on your English language, writing, and speaking skills to help you gain full admission to an academic graduate program. As a student in the Pathway Program, you will take English language classes that will prepare you for graduate-level coursework as well as other tests such as the GRE or GMAT needed for full admission into your chosen graduate program. You will also take academic classes that will start you on your academic career path.

Pathway Program Options

What can I expect to learn in the Pathway Program?

You will work on academic coursework and take necessary tests for full admission into the program. You will need to obtain acceptable course grades and meet the required test scores in order to gain full admission into your chosen graduate program.Duquesne's Pathway Program consists of two components:

  • English language instruction, as preparation for graduate coursework
  • At least six (6) credits of academic coursework that will be applied to your Duquesne graduate degree program

How to apply

Explore the various Pathway Programs that we offer at Duquesne, and learn about English language testing requirements.

Once you apply to a Pathway Program, academic counselors in our graduate programs will determine which option is best suited for you.