General Procedures for the Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office was established at Duquesne University to coordinate all financial assistance offered to students at the University. That office is charged with responsibility to assure that the principles of financial aid are made operationally effective.

The following operating policies are designed to assure that the Financial Aid Office is effective in carrying out its responsibilities:

  1. In accordance with established procedures all students applying for financial assistance must submit appropriate application forms to the Financial Aid Office and complete any other required processes by published deadlines.
  2. Students applying for financial assistance are to be given consideration for all of the programs administered by the University for which they are eligible, providing funding is available. The student's aid package may consist of one or more of these programs including scholarship, grants, work and/or loan or any combination that best meets the student's needs.
  3. Funds available to the University for financial assistance to students shall be processed through the Financial Aid Office. Nominations of individuals to receive certain designated scholarships athletic awards etc. shall be submitted by the responsible department or agency to the Financial Aid Office.
  4. The Financial Aid Office shall maintain adequate records to assure that the aid given to each student is not in excess of the actual amount needed to attend the University.

General Procedures for the Financial Aid Program

The following general operating procedures are designed to assure the smooth functioning of the financial aid program at Duquesne University. Early availability of information about financial aid requests is essential to an orderly operation.

  1. The priority deadline for student applications for financial aid shall be:
    • Undergraduate: May 1

    • Graduates: May 31

  2. Students should be aware that funding limits at times may require strict enforcement of deadline dates. Students are to be notified as soon as possible (after receipt of the completed application) o f the financial assistance to be offered to them. Written acceptance of the aid offered must be returned to the Financial Aid Office by the  student.

The Financial Aid Office shall be responsible for the general processing of all departmental scholarship funds, athletic awards, and all other financial aid funds at Duquesne University. Selection of candidates for certain designated awards are to be made by the appropriate department: however, the selection should be made sufficiently early to permit inclusion of the award in the financial aid package for all students receiving financial aid. Departmental awards made after the students' aid packages  have been established may require adjustment to those packages.

At times, scholarships and other funds from outside the University are received directly by offices other than the Financial Aid Office for credit to specific student accounts. Copies of such notices should be sent to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

An individual student file is maintained by the Financial Aid Office for each student receiving assistance of any kind at the University. This record shall indicate the total of the student's needs and the types and amounts of all assistance received.