Completing the FAFSA - Pharmacy Students

As a student enrolled in Pharmacy, your program is unique. Completing the FAFSA to accurately report your expected year in college and level can sometimes be unclear. For financial aid purposes, Pharmacy students are considered undergraduate students for years 1 - 5, and as graduate students in year 6.

FAFSA Dependency Status

While Pharmacy students are enrolled in years 1-5, students are considered to be undergraduate students for Financial Aid purposes. The FAFSA asks the following question in the Student Dependency Status section:

I will be working on a master's or doctorate program (e.g., MA, MBA, MD, JD, PhD, EdD, graduate certificate)

You must answer ‘No' to this question if you are in years 1-5 of the Pharmacy program. Although graduate students are considered independent students, graduate students are also not eligible to receive many forms of Federal, State, and Institutional aid which are reserved for undergraduate students only. If you are in years 1-5 of the Pharmacy program and answer ‘Yes' to this question, the Financial Aid Office will correct the response. Dependent students will be required to supply parent information on the FAFSA if they had not previously. We understand that Pharmacy is a unique program where you are ultimately working towards a professional degree. However, please know that students are not considered graduate students until the 6th year of the Pharmacy program for Financial Aid purposes.

Year in College: Selecting your grade level:

Answer this question based on your year in the Pharmacy program:

1st year undergraduate / freshmen
2nd year undergraduate / sophomore
3rd year undergraduate / junior
4th year undergraduate / senior
5th year undergraduate / 5th year senior
1st year graduate/professional / 6th year Pharmacy