Tuition Exchange for Duquesne Employees Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition Exchange Powerpoint slides available for download

Who is eligible to apply for a Tuition Exchange (TE) Scholarship?

Full-time faculty and staff and their eligible dependents are able to apply for TE participation.

What are my chances of being certified eligible by Duquesne for TE consideration?

There is no guarantee. The TE program is not a Duquesne benefit, so you are not automatically eligible to receive it. For the upcoming academic year, the quota system of the program will be used and selection will be made based on the employee’s length of employment.

How does my dependent child become eligible for a TE Scholarship?

There are three steps in the process. 1) the employee must submit a TE application to the Duquesne University Office of Human Resource Department who will determine if the employee or their dependent is eligible for the exchange (this process is called certification). 2) The employee or their eligible dependent applies for admission to the participating university or college of interest. 3) When the applicant is admitted, the importing institution determines whether or not a TE Scholarship is awarded.

What are my chances that the TE institution will award a scholarship once eligible?

Duquesne University a member of two TE programs: Tuition Exchange, Inc (TEI) and Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). It depends on the participating TEI/CIC institution’s policies and procedures and the number of scholarships it has available. Last year, TEI/CIC colleges that were new to TE, or were very large institutions, were more likely to offer a TE Scholarship. Also, if the number of TE applicants to a particular TEI/CIC college is small, your chances of recieving a TE scholarship may increase.

When should I apply?

You should apply no later than the earliest college admission deadline at the institution you are considering. Duquesne University’s applications must be submitted to Human Resource Management in time to be received by Financial Aid Office by the November 15 deadline. Timely submission of forms is imperative since decisions must be based on employee's length of full time service to the University.

What is the value of a TE scholarship?

For the upcoming academic year, the institutions are required to cover at least $37,000 of their charged tuition (this is called minimum “set rate” value). If the tuition is higher, the participating TEI/CIC college may offer a TE scholarship covering all or some of the remaining tuition cost. Each year the Tuition Exchange, Inc. Board of Directors establishes the “set rate” value based on a weighted average of all participating TEI/CIC college tuition. This means that the “set rate” value could change each year.

What happens if a large number of Duquesne University employees apply for TE for the same year?

When Duquesne University has a limited number of exporting TE slots available, selection will be made on a seniority basis according to the employee’s length of employment.

What happens if too many students apply for TE at a particular TEI/CIC institution?

Each participating TEI/CIC institution determines whom they will accept and how many students will be offered a TE scholarship. The criteria used could include but is not limited to SAT/ACT scores, class rank, teacher recommendations, activities, financial need or first come first serve basis.

Who administers Duquesne University’s TE program?

The Director of Financial Aid acts as the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer responsible for administration of the program on a daily basis. Human Resources is responsible for maintaining Duquesne’s TE policies.

Is there anything else I should know about Tuition Exchange?

It is a good idea to apply for financial aid at the same time the admission application is filed just in case the participating TEI/CIC institution does not offer a TE scholarship. If the student waits to find out if a TE scholarship is offered before applying for aid, it may be too late to apply for aid. Also, even if a TE scholarship is offered, the student may still need financial assistance beyond the TE scholarship.

Where can I get more information about TEI/CIC?

Visit online aat or to review a current listing of participating institutions. If you have questions about TE at another college, contact the Admissions Office at that college. If you have more questions about TE in general, contact us at the Financial Aid Office, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (412) 396-6607 or