Tuition Exchange

Exports to Other Schools

  1. Programs and Application - New and renewal applications must be filed annually by December 1st for tuition remission programs offered through Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TEI) and the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).
  2. Eligibility / Order of Selection
    1. Eligible renewal candidates:
    2. Full time undergraduates who are:
      1. dependent children of full time employees
      2. spouses of full time employees
      3. full-time employees
    3. Full time graduates - only if importing school permits - in same order as above.
  3. Quota - Based on the quota system of the TEI/CIC programs, selection will be made based on employee's length of full time service with the University.
  4. Important Dates:
    1. Applications must be submitted to Human Resources in time to be received by the Financial Aid Office by the November 15 deadline.
    2. Timely submission of forms is imperative since forms must first be submitted to Human Resources for verification of eligibility and employment date.
    3. Decisions will be made and students notified by December 20th.
    4. Signed acceptance from selected applicants must be returned to the Financial Aid Office by April 1st or award will be canceled.
  5. Admission to Host School - Students are responsible for meeting admission requirements and being accepted as tuition exchange students by the host institution.
  6. Waiting Lists - Applications which could not be approved due to the quota system will be placed on a waiting list and be processed should spaces become available. A secondary waiting list will be maintained for applications not received by Financial Aid on time. These will be processed in order of receipt should spaces become available.