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Tuition Exchange

Imports from Other Schools 

  1. Programs and Applications - Duquesne University participates in the Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TEI) and the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC) exchanges.
  2. First Time applicants are encouraged to file in the academic year prior to selection for the academic year of coverage.
  3. Eligibility / Order of Selection
    1. Eligible new candidates who intend to enroll full time as Freshmen/Transfer students in an undergraduate program.
    2. Currently enrolled full time undergraduates not currently participating in one of the exchanges.
    3. Selection begins in February for those candidates who have applied for exchange consideration and have been admitted to Duquesne University for the upcoming academic year.
  4. Quota - Should the quota system of the program(s) prohibit approval of all applicants, selection will be made based on academic credentials of the candidates on file when the selection process commences.
  5. Important Dates:
    1. Exchange requests must be received by the Financial Aid Office by January 5th.
    2. Applicants must have been admitted to Duquesne University by early January.
    3. Decisions will be made and students notified by February 1.
    4. Signed acceptance from selected applicants must be received by the Financial Aid Office within 3 weeks of notification or May 1st, whichever is later, or offer could be cancelled.
  6. Limit - Only one family member at a time may participate in the program(s).
  7. Waiting Lists - Applications which could not be approved due to the quota system will be placed on a waiting list and be processed should spaces become available. Candidates will be notified if they are placed on a waiting list.