Doctoral Dissertations

Listed below are the graduate level research projects achieved at Duquesne University between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011.

Liberal Arts



Natural and Environmental Sciences


Health Science
Liberal Arts

Allen, Pamela Cartier
Beggars Can't Be Choosers or The Refugee as a Moral Agent?

Bayer, Janine
Nicomachean and Neo-Aristotelian Ethics and Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Coleman, Linda
Organizational Communication Through An Historic Lens: Social Responsibility, Diversity, and Inclusion

Conti, Carolyn
American Health Care: Justice, Policy, Reform

Cuello, Diana
Karen Horney's Three Character Styles [Neurotic Styles] as Responses to Early Maternal Deprivation and Unmanageable Rage: Three Illustrative Case Studies

Danna, John
Therapist and Client Experience of Collaborative Assessment: A Qualitative Study

Duncan, Taine
Habermas and the Feminist Engagement with Communicative Ethics: Solidarity and Utopian Interests as a Corrective to Normative Political Problematics

Fagge, Michael Luiz
Traces of Otherness in St. Thomas Aquinas' Theology of Grace

George, Sharon
The Pursuit of Divinity: Religious Faith and Fear in Late Victorian Women's Poetry

Harris, Corey
The Domestic Church and the Post-Nuclear Family: A Theological Analysis and Critique

Hendry, Eric
What is the Spirit Saying to the Churches? Toward a Contemporary Ecumenical Pneumatology

Jones, Betina
"This Is Me Right Here": August Wilson and Pittsburgh's Hill District

Julin, Grant
Kierkegaard's Ethics of Repetition: A Re-examining of the Ethical in the 1843 Authorship

Kilivris, Michael
Elective Affinities: Heidegger and Adorno

Komakec, Michael
Making Peace (Peacemaking) in Uganda: Theological Underpinning and Pastoral Ministries

Loudiy, Fadoua
The Rhetoric of Transitional Justice: Negotiating the Years of Lead in Morocco

Loughlin, Shannon
Lay Ecclesial Ministry as Vocation: A Particular Call To Mission for Laity in the Roman Catholic Church

Mounts, Jonathan
Salvation of the Damned Within the 'Periphyseon'

Phillips, Amy Criniti
Private Reader, Public Redactor: Narrative Strategies of the Nineteenth-Century Female Revisionist

Roberts McGinley, Maryl
Roots: Agrarian Movements and the Importance of Ground within the Philosophy of Communication (A Synecdoche)

Scalambrino, Frank
Non-Being and Memory: A Critique of Pure Difference in Derrida and Deleuze

Selker, Stephanie
Enhancing Publicity and Promotion: Applying Gerard Hauser's Theory of Reticulate Public Spheres to Encourage Discourse for Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Slovikovski, John
Homosexuality and the Formation of Conscience: An Examination of Traditional Catholic Anthropological, Theological, and Ethical Evaluations in Light of Contemporary Moral Markers

Swales, Stephanie
Neurosis or Perversion? A Lacanian Psychoanalytic Diagnostic and Clinical Approach to the Treatment of Paraphilia at a Forensic Outpatient Setting: A Case Study and Exegetical Method

Thomas, Charles
Rhetoric of Reconciliation: Implications from Bonhoeffer's [Work] for a Communicative Praxis of Reconciliation Grounded in Christian Narrative

Tran, Elizabeth
Co-Sleeping with Her Baby: A Qualitive Study of Adaptive and Prescriptive Voices in Parenting Decision Making

Natural and Environmental Sciences

Dheer, Rishu
Molecular Analyses of Changes Induced in the Microbial Populations of Murine Colon After As(III) Exposure

Eckenhoff, William
Structural and Mechanistic Aspects of Copper Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Addition Reactions in the Presence of Reducing Agents

Palchesko, Rachelle
Optimization of Calcium Aluminate for use as a Bone Scaffold Material Through Physical and Chemical Surface Modification

Paluti, Christy
Aza-bix(oxazoline) Copper Complexes Immobilized onto Self-Assembled Monolayers Supports: Surface Environment, Recycling, and Versatility Study

Shetty, Sumangala
Essential RNA-RNA Interactions within the Hepititis C Virus Genome as Potential Targets for Peptide Nucleic Acid Based Therapeutic Strategy

Sparacino-Watkins, Courtney
Nitrate metabolism in the Epsilonproteobacteria: Campylobacter jejuni and Sulfurospirillum barnesii

Wack, Corina
Neuroendocrine Mechanisms Mediating Pheromonal Modulation of Behavior in Terrestrial Salamanders


Barch, Jennifer
Comparison of the Level of Career Development Between Beginning, Practicum, and Graduating Counselor Education Students

Benson, Jeryl
An Exploration of the Role of Occupation in School-Based Occupational Therapy Practice

Bicehouse, Vaughn
The Multicolored Patchwork Portraiture of an Effective Veteran High School Special Education Teacher Amidst the Tempest of the High Stakes Testing Movement

Blasik, Jessica
Does a Keyword Mnemonics Intervention Have an Effect on the Components of the Working Memory System?

Davies, William
The Lived Experience of K-12 Educators Who Practice Within An Acute Care Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital

Decker, Janice
Linking Developmental Working Memory and Early Academic Skills

Ebersole, Tim
Alumni Financial Donations, Life Cycle and Student Activities

Georger, Daryl
The Impact of Full Time Versus Adjunct/Part Time Faculty Status on Course Assessments by Hospitality Management Students

Hale, Jane
An Examination of Reading and Mathematic Achievement Among Second Grade Students Who Have Received Instruction from Either Teachers Who Have Been Trained in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy
Methods or Teachers Who Have Not Been Trained

Hyatt-Burkhart, Debra
The Lived Experience of Mental Health Workers in a Residential Treatment Facility who Work with Multiply Traumatized Children and Self-Identify as Experiencing Vicarious Trauma and Compassion

Kegel, Nathan
Executive Functioning in Asperger's Disorder and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Comparison of Developmental and Behavioral Characteristics

King, Jamie
The Development and Construction of the Social and Clinical Assessment for Linking Eating Disturbances with Treatments (SCALED-->TX): A Preliminary Psychometric Evaluation

Lehman, Cathryn
Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Examination of Reporting Trends Among Children, Parents, and Teachers

Martin, Erin
Measuring Prosocial Behavior Through the Implementation of a Violence Prevention Intervention

McCoy, Erika Leigh Beckman
Teachers' Knowledge and Misconceptions of Postconcussion Symptoms

Moschos, Susan
Examining Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mulholland, Shannon McQuone
The Factors that Influence the Attitudes of Teachers and Administrators Affliliated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Regarding the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Obeldobel, Erinn Murphy
Attachment and Anxiety in Aggressive Children and Adolescents

Owens, Eric
The Resident Assistant as Paraprofessional Counselor and Crisis Interventionist: A Study of Lived Experience

Purcell, Adam Buzzinotti
A Comparison of the Online Sexual Behavior Scores of Persons with a Sexual Addiction, in Comparison to Persons Wondering If They Have a Sexual Addiction as Measured by the Online Sexual Addiction Questionnaire (OSA-Q)

Rispoli, Kristin
Parent-Child Interaction in the Formation of Emotional and Social Competence: The Impact of Individual Differences and Cultural Variability

Sindlinger, Jodi
Doctoral Students' Experience with Using the Reflecting Team Model of Supervision Online

Smith, Molly
The Impact a Technology Leader and Their Leadership Style Makes in K-12 Classroom Teacher's Implementation of Technology

Taormina, Rochelle
Assessing Common Variance in Psychopathy Measures

Thornton, John Jay
Norming of the Executive Control Battery in Children

Tinkey, Patricia
Student Perceptions of the Integration of Faith and Learning in a College Foreign Language Course

Utchell, Lynn
Relationships Among Early Literacy Curriculum Based Measurement and Reading State Criterion Tests Over Time

Westwood, Wendy
Children with Mental Retardation / Intellectual Disability: The Function of Adaptive Behavior and Parental Stress Across Childhood

Whipple, Beth
Examining the Association Between Peer Rejection, Loneliness, and Depressive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents


Doerfler, R. Eric
Clinical Trial of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Antiretroviral Side Effects in HIV Patients

Hascup, Valera
Cultural Expressions, Meanings, Beliefs, and Practices of Mexican American Women During the Postpartum Period: An Ethnonursing Study

Torrey, Antonia
Development and Psychometric Evaluation of an Instrument to Assess the Treatment Fidelity of a Brief Opportunistic Intervention to Reduce Substance Use Among Pregnant Women

Weiss, Annette
Mothers Behind Bars: The Lived Experience

Wiles, Lynn
Basic Knowledge in Critical Care: A Comparison of Experienced and Newly Graduated Nurses Augmented with an Examination of Newly Graduated Nurses' Experiences Making Clinical Judgments


Esseku, Frederick
Development and Bioavailability/Bioequivalence of a Fixed-Dose Combination Antiretroviral Reconstitutable Suspension Intended for Pediatrics

Kotreka, Udaya
Development of Topical Ophthalmic In Situ Gel-Forming Estradiol Delivery System Intended for the Prevention of Age-Related Cataracts

Liu, Yi
Structural Determinants for Inhibitor Recognition by the Dopamine Transporter

Malichky, Paul
Cyanate Formation Following 2-Chloroacrylonitrile Exposure and the Role of Cytochrome P-450

Moore, Michael
Development of Multivariate Powder X-ray Diffraction Techniques and Total Scattering Analyses to Enable Informatic Calibration of Solid Dispersion Potential

Sethi, Shalini
Effect of Melatonin on Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and a Study on C-Terminal Domains of MT1 and MT2 Melatonin Receptors

Zheng, Ying
A Peptide-Based Platform for Displaying Antibodies to Engage T Cells

Health Science

Colaianni, Donna
A Phenomenology of Occupation-Based Hand Therapy

Dusi, Jodi
Assessing Physical Therapy Outcomes for Women with Urinary Incontinence