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Graduate Student Health Insurance

Ph.D. Student Health Insurance 50% Discount Eligibility Requirements and Process

Ph.D. students in the following programs are now eligible for a 50% discount of the single coverage student health insurance:

  • Ph.D. Biology
  • Ph.D. Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D. Counselor Ed/Supervision
  • Ph.D. English
  • Ph.D. Healthcare Ethics
  • Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Nursing
  • Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  • Ph.D. Pharmacology
  • Ph.D. Pharmacology/Toxicology
  • Ph.D. Philosophy
  • Ph.D. Rehabilitation Science
  • Ph.D. Rhetoric
  • Ph.D. School Psychology
  • Ph.D. Systematic Theology
Eligibility Requirements
  1. Student must be actively enrolled and registered for classes by the add/drop date each semester in one of the above Ph.D. programs during the semester being billed for the student health insurance.
  2. Student must be actively enrolled in Duquesne's student health insurance plan by the add/drop date in fall or spring term.
  • The deadline for enrollment is the add/drop date each term.
  • The fall 2014 deadline is August 29, 2014.
  • The spring 2015 deadline is January 14, 2015.
  • Students applying after this date will not be eligible. Discounts will not be applied if enrolled after these dates.
Other Information
  1. The 50% discount is equal to 50% of the single coverage only and is a flat amount. If an eligible student enrolls in a different coverage option, they are eligible for a discount equal to 50% of the single coverage option only (flat amount), not 50% of the other selected option.
  2. Students do not need to be a graduate assistant or employed by the University to be eligible for the discount. Students only need to meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Only the Ph.D. programs listed in the eligibility requirements are eligible for the 50% discount which is equal to 50% of the single coverage only. All other Ph.D. students are permitted to enroll in the student health insurance provided by Duquesne at the regular stated purchase price.
  4. Active enrollment is defined as:
    • Students taking classes for credit and being billed for those credits by the add/drop date each semester
    • Continuous registration students enrolled and billed the appropriate continuous registration fee by the add/drop date
  5. Students are required to enroll in the student health insurance plan in each semester they want coverage by the add/drop date each semester.
  6. The eligible student does not need to fill out any additional paperwork related to the 50% discount-only what is required to enroll in the student health insurance.
  7. Details regarding pricing, coverage and how to enroll are available on the student health insurance page or by contacting the Office of Risk Management at ext. 6677. The 50% discount will not be reflected in this pricing on the website, as it is the regular rate for all students.