Master's Theses

Listed below are the graduate level research projects accomplished by students at Duquesne between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011.

Liberal Arts Music
Pharmaceutical Science Natural and Environmental Science

Liberal Arts

Bazarkulova, Aida
An Evaluation of the Dangerous Choices I Program for Female High School Students

Belczak, Daniel
The Changing Nature of Punishment: From Theology to Reform Ideology and Gallows to Penitentiaries, New England, 1674-1837

Booth, Joshua
Compressive Sensing

DeMasi, Emily
A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in Commerical Banks: Case Studies from the United States and the United Kingdom

Jafarova, Turan
Providing Culturally Appropriate Services to Immigrant Children and Families Involved with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Kleck, Nicholas
Hezbollah Operations in the Tri-Border Area of South America

Laufer, Joshua
By Any Means Necessary: The Quandary the CIA Now Faces In Light of Employing Enhanced Interrogation Methods to Combat the War on Terror

Lusk, Jenna
Mediation and Middlemen Undone: The Demise of the Colonial Go-Between in Revolutionary New York

Maldonado, Hernan
Bayesian Regression Inference Using a Normal Mixture Model

Mansfield, Jared
Worktime in the United States Steel Industry, 1870-1939

Moos, Luke
Influences on the Reentry and Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders: A Case Study of First Step Recovery Homes

Sharker, Monir
Multivariate Outlier Mining Using Cluster Analysis: Case Study - National Health Interview Survey

Vucic, Nicholas
A Comparative Study of the Factors that Contribute to the Success of Non-Violent Revolutions


Huddleston, Lindsay
Three States of the Mind's Eye

Rudolph, Glenn

Natural And Environmental Sciences

Boone, Katelyn
Purification and Characterization of Blue and Green Chromoprotein Pigments from the Integument of Male Darters in the Genus Etheostoma

Yao, Lihua
Transmissive Olefination of Alkenenitrile and Allylic Halides

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Huang, Yurong
Characterization of Structurally Diverse Inhibitors at the Monoamine Transporters