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Why Biotechnology? - Pittsburgh's Biotechnology Community
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Why Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, emerging-market expansion and technology advances are expected to continue to spur life sciences sector growth. It is becoming increasingly evident that the global biotechnology sector is operating in an era of significant transformation.
Those who work in biotechnology make discoveries at the forefront of science in the areas of:

  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Biomanufacturing Products
  • Bioagriculture and Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Remediation

Biotechnology is a growing industry in the United States offering excellent opportunities for rewarding careers. The job market is strong for students with a strong background in biological science and the people and management skills to become a leader.

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Pittsburgh's Exceptionally Strong Biotech Community

With its unique blend of science, medicine, business, and technology, the city of Pittsburgh has become a hotbed for biotechnology activity. Pittsburgh is home to Fortune 500 companies such as Bayer, medical device companies including Respironics, a growing number of thriving start-up companies, and incubators such as the Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone, Urban Innovation21, and the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse. Students in our Biotech program benefit from the strong area ties to the industry and have unparallelled access to networks and resources to help launch their careers, whether in industry or in research.

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The Duquesne Difference

In addition to Duquesne's role in the vibrant biotechnology industry in the Pittsburgh region, students in our biotechnology program differentiate themselves from students from similar programs through: A Unique Curriculum, Exceptional Access to Faculty, and State of the Art Research Facilities.

Our Unique Curriculum
Many graduate programs in biotechnology teach only analytical and laboratory techniques necessary for a career in academic research. Our program goes deeper - we provide advanced scientific training coupled with instruction in the management and team-building skills required by employers. Graduates from Duquesne's MS in Biotechnology possess leadership, communication, ethics, and project management skills, as well as an understanding of the industrial environment and the process of product development.Our graduates have the skills to stand out as job candidates, in doctoral programs and in medical school.

Exceptional Access to Faculty
Students learn from faculty who are experts in their field and in the biomedical industry. The size of the program affords personal guidance. Faculty members take an active role in student mentoring and coaching. Additionally, through the Center for Biotechnology, students are encouraged to freely collaborate with faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students in any of our nine schools and our biomedical engineering program. The Center brings together the various scientific disciplines to stimulate applied research and the translation of basic science into technology which can be turned into applications and products through technology transfer or entrepreneurial efforts.

State of the Art Research Facilities
The Center for Biotechnology boasts modern laboratories, directed by nationally recognized research faculty associated with the Center. The research facilities are equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation comprising more than 15,000 square feet of combined laboratory space located on the Duquesne University Campus. Learn more about the center and its equipment.

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Your Return on Investment!

Students in the biotechnology program are well-prepared for R&D careers, and careers in industry. Students may also choose to further their studies in a medical school or a PhD program. Our graduates are trained to build on their science and to explore their opportunities. Alumni of the program work in laboratories, development, regulatory affairs, but are also finding rewarding careers in technical marketing and sales, either with multi-national corporations or emerging start-ups. Companies are eager to connect with our students. Students engage with Bayer School advisors and faculty for individual guidance through all phases of the job search process. Additionally, through organizations such as the Biotech Club, students learn about company interviewing techniques, networking and best practices to help them prepare to interview effectively.

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Questions or to arrange a visit, contact:

Dr. Alan Seadler
Associate Provost and Director of the Biotechnology Program

Dr. Phillip Palmer
Assistant Dean, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Heather Costello, MA, MS
Graduate Academic Advisor Bayer School of Natural & Environmental Sciences

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