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Duquesne University International Student Fund (DUISF)

Join us in making Duquesne a global university!

The international student population of Duquesne is an important component of what makes Duquesne an outstanding educational institution. Like their American counterparts international students face similar challenges while studying here at Duquesne University. However, international students often deal with a number of challenges that are unique to their U.S. colleagues. Frequent fluctuations in their home currencies, political issues, family issues while bring far from home are just a few examples. Duquesne has frequently assisted all of its students when they find themselves in unusual funding situations.

As the President of the Duquesne University Scholarship Association, one of Father Hogan's goals is to establish a scholarship fund that would address the needs of international students when they find themselves in need of funding due to government regulations. International students are not eligible for governmental financial assistance. The establishment of an International Student Emergency Fund would fill this need and continue the tradition of helping our students to succeed and obtain their degrees.

Thousands of alumni have been touched and changed by Duquesne, as the vast majority of them have received some sort of financial assistance. Please consider joining Father Hogan and other International Alumni in building this fund!

About Fr. Sean Hogan, C.S.Sp.

Father Sean Hogan came to Duquesne University in 1975 for what was to be a one-year sabbatical from a missionary assignment in Africa. He never left. He was the founding director of the Office of International Education in 1982, when Duquesne hosted only 15 international students. Today Duquesne is home to more than 800 students from over 90 countries, and continues to grow each year.

Fr. Hogan's message to international alumni

How Can I Contribute?

We have established a partnership with Flywire, a service that will allow you to contribute funds to Duquesne in your own currency. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to a site that will offer you instructions on how to securely transfer foreign currency at the best exchange rate possible. International students at Duquesne use this service to pay for tuition in a safe and secure way every semester.

You will be asked to create a username and password to begin the transaction.

Flywire Donate Now

Thank you for your Contribution!!

Fr. Sean Hogan, C. S. Sp.
President, Duquesne University Scholarship Association
600 Forbes Avenue
Suite 312 Administration Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Phone: 412 396 5069
Fax: 412 396 3436
Email: hogan@duq.edu

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