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Corporate Communication & Integrated Marketing Communication

Corporate Communication

Since 1982, the Master of Arts program in Corporate Communication emphasis (30 credits) has prepared students for communication management positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Designed with both recent graduates and working professionals in mind, the program provides students with a broad foundation in professional communication, communication ethics, public relations and marketing communication, and strategic and managerial communication. Graduates pursue careers in corporate communication leadership in order to build effective, just, and sustainable institutions.

Integrated Marketing Communication

The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) emphasis (30 credits) provides a rigorous foundation in a strategic communication discipline that brings together advertising, public relations, and marketing communication. Building on a strong professional communication core, the program increases students' awareness of the theory and practice of IMC in contemporary organizations and institutions. Graduates pursue careers in advertising and public relations agencies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, and any position requiring strategic communication planning.

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Option #1 - TOEFL 60-69
Summer Fall Spring
Advanced Reading B ESL CAP 1 ESL CAP 1
Advanced Grammar B COMM 500: Professional Communication COMM 529 Integrated Marketing Strategies I: Public Relations
Advanced Speaking B
Term Paper
Academic Discourse
Option #2 - TOEFL 70-79
Fall Spring
COMM 500: Professional Communication COMM 529: Integrated Marketing Strategies I: Public Relations

  1. Course enrollment is subject to academic performance and proficiency levels at the conclusion of ESL-CAP
  2. ESL CAP 2 may be assigned if needed in the spring semester
  3. A competitive GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is required for full admission at the conclusion of the Pathway Program. 


ESL Course cost per hour = $293
Academic Course per credit = $1,310

Summer Fall Spring
Advanced B Coursework = $5,860 ESL CAP 1 (5-16 hours, depending on placement) = $1,465 - $4,688 ESL CAP 1 (5-16 hours, depending on placement) = $1,465 - $4,688
Academic Course = $3,930 Academic Course = $3,930
TOTAL: $5,860 TOTAL: $5,395 - $8,618 TOTAL: $5,395 - $8,618