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Music Performance

As a graduate student in the Master of Music (M.M.) in Performance program, you'll study with master teachers, many of whom are renowned performers in their fields. You will perform in a variety of ensembles that rank among the finest in the country by virtue of the quality of concerts, recordings, broadcasts, tours, and repertoire.

Duquesne's School of Music has a common body of knowledge and skills for all graduate degree areas, including Professional Competence, Musicianship, Creativity and Scholarship, and Pedagogy and Communication.

Learn more at duq.edu/music/performance.

Apply Here

Option #1 - TOEFL 60-69
Summer Fall Spring
Advanced Reading B ESL CAP 1 ESL CAP 1
Advanced Grammar B Ensemble 1 Ensemble 2
Advanced Speaking B Applied Study Applied Study
Term Paper Chamber Music Chamber Music
Academic Discourse
  1. ESL CAP 2 may be assigned if needed in the spring semester.
Option #2 - TOEFL 70-79
Fall Spring
Ensemble 1 Ensemble 1
Applied Study Applied Study
Chamber Music Chamber Music
Introduction to Research in Music

  1. Summer semester: Students will be given access to Music Practice Rooms during their first semester of ESL coursework.
  2. ESL CAP 2 may be assigned if needed in the spring semester


ESL Course cost per hour = $293
Academic Course per credit = $1,676

Summer Fall Spring
Advanced B Coursework = $5,860 ESL CAP 1 (5-16 hours, depending on placement) = $1,465 - $4,688 ESL CAP 1 (5-16 hours, depending on placement) = $1,465 - $4,688
Academic Courses (3 performance courses) = $6,704 Academic Courses (3 performance courses) - $6,704
TOTAL: $5,860 TOTAL: $8,169 - $11,392 TOTAL: $8,169 - $11,392