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Indian Scholarship Information

Two Indian Student Scholarships Worth a Total of $200,000 for Fall 2012!


Duquesne is offering a $25,000 per year (for 4 years) scholarship to two Indian Undergraduate applicants (completing high school and looking to study a four year bachelors program in the US). If you think that you could be eligible, there are three things to do:

1.    Make sure that Duquesne is the "right fit" for you:

Take a look at all of the programs that we offer to undergraduate students.

Duquesne is a highly ranked university with a quality education, in particular in Business and in the Sciences. We strive to provide a "holistic" education, which means that you study not only the subjects of your major but also the core curriculum.

Such an education prepares students extremely well for their career - allowing them to bring a unique perspective to their chosen discipline, adding value to any job or project they wish to pursue.

2.    Review the Application Documents required:

Submit an application online or via mail.

Send to us the following documents:

- Official copies of your transcripts from the last 4 years of education

- 1-2 recommendation letters from teachers

- Personal essay

In your essay, you should include why you think you are a good fit for Duquesne. Regarding the scholarship, we are looking for someone who is not only the right fit academically (good scores), but someone who will bring initiative and diversity to campus. How will you contribute to our campus community and get involved in campus activities? What are your interests?

3.    Check that you meet the Academic Requirements:

The general admission requirement for students coming from India is an overall minimum of 70-75% in their Indian high school curriculum. As scholarships are competitive, they may command higher scores.

For more information, contact Anna Harrison.