Indian Applicants

Information for Indian Students

With a growing Indian population, Pittsburgh is a popular city for Indian immigrants who choose to live in the United States. Pittsburgh is home to various temples including the largest Indian temples in the region, including Sri Venkataswara and also the Hindu Jain Temple. Within the city of Pittsburgh, there are many opportunities to build relationships, both business and personal, through numerous organizations such as the Indus Entrepreneurs which facilitates business development in Pittsburgh through networking, education and business events. It is an ideal place to meet international businesspeople and scientists.

DISHA (Duquesne Indian Student Association) is an active student organization at Duquesne University that plans cultural events for the Indian population and those interested in Indian culture. Duquesne also boasts faculty from India that are internationally acclaimed for their expertise, research and scholarship in a wide range of fields.

As an Indian citizen applying to Duquesne, please note the following:

Undergraduate Students: You are required to send secondary school transcripts (grades reports) from at least the last 4 years of your education with your application. This will include both your Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE after year 10) and your Higher Secondary School Certificate (HCSE after year 12) or your International Baccalaureate diploma results. At Duquesne, we look for students who have the overall equivalent to a grade B in the US system.*

Grade requirements may vary according to which school and to which particular program a student applies. Contact the Center for Global Engagement for details regarding a certain program or regarding your particular high school curriculum.

Graduate Students: You are required to send all of your university transcripts (grade reports) with you application. Each program evaluates your university performance differently, but most will require that you submit a GRE or GMAT score and a TOEFL score in some cases.

Indian Faculty:

Duquesne boasts faculty that are internationally acclaimed for their expertise, research and scholarship in a wide range of fields.

Feel free to contact our Indian faculty in various departments around the university with any questions you may have about your course, Duquesne or simply living in Pittsburgh:

Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam, Donahue School of Business:

Vashishta Bhaskar, Donahue School of Business: