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Housing in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Download our PDF of current students' suggestions of where to live and how to look for housing! 

Pittsburgh is home to over 60,000 students, which makes for a vibrant and diverse city in which to live and study.

Students usually choose to rent one apartment or share an apartment with other students.

I have found places on Craigslist.com up till now. There are other websites like roomster, apartments.com, etc. You can check the following links. There is one place called Penn Commons which is in Downtown on walking distance from Duquesne. You can check their website as well. www.penncommons.com
Other useful links:



Up until now Craigslist has worked best for me. I would suggest you to send emails to the people who have put their ads there about available apartments. You might find someone who is also looking for the roommate and that can help in the search as well.

The Office of International Programs cannot help you find an apartment specifically, but we are always happy to answer your questions about a neighborhood's character and its proximity to Duquesne. 

Popular Student Neighborhoods


-15 minute walk from Duquesne
-Lively, young area, particularly popular to the undergraduate student population.

Southside is on the other side of River Monongahela from Duquesne University. Many Duquesne student live in South side. Duquesne University has Student shuttle bus to and from South side which runs every day and it costs just $100 for the whole semester to use it. South Side is very convenient and is home of all the famous stores and shopping areas. South Side is also center of night life and clubs which makes it sometimes undesirable due to crowds on the weekends, but there are many attractive apartments that are not too close to the clubs/bars and are in safe areas. 10 minutes drive from Duquesne across the river. Many students are also able to walk to Duquesne in around 15 - 20 minutes from the South Side.


- 10 minute bus ride from Duquesne
- Home to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University
- Thriving with students and is a popular, reasonably priced area to live

Oakland is a neighborhood where University of Pittsburgh is. It has lots of restaurants and stores and places to hang out. The area is little bit crowded but safe. It is 15 minutes bus ride from Duquesne and 10 minutes drive. The residential areas near CMU and PITT are very convenient by public bus. Many Duquesne graduate students live in these neighborhoods. Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside all have frequent buses towards Duquesne and downtown. The average commute time is around 20-25 minutes. Note that Duquesne students do not get free bus passes, so factor this into your budget. A monthly unlimited bus pass is around $98.

Squirrel Hill and Shadyside

- Both a 15minute bus ride from campus and walking distance from each other
- Popular with students, families and young professionals
- Particularly popular with CMU and University of Pittsburgh students
- Both areas have a pretty main street with bars, restaurants and boutique shops
- Cost of rent may be slightly more expensive than in Oakland or Southside


These two neighborhoodS are just 15-20 minutes bus ride from Duquesne and only 10 minutes drive. These neighborhoods are very safe and many Duquesne, Pitt, CMU students live there. The rent are affordable as well. I would suggest these locations as top choice.


- 10 minute walk from Shadyside and a 15 minute bus ride from Duquesne.
The Italian area of Pittsburgh
- Main street is filled with bakeries, Italian-American restaurants, delicatessens and local bars
- Cost of rent is quite reasonable

East Liberty

- "Up-and-Coming" area.
-  15-20 minute bus ride from Duquesne and a 5 minute walk from Shadyside
- Home to some of the cities best grocery stores: Giant Eagle Market District, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
- Bookstores, coffee shops and ethnic restaurants are constantly opening, to make this area an exciting place to live
- Cost of rent is quite reasonable 

Lawrenceville & Greenfield

-Between the Strip and Bloomfield, Lawrenceville changes a little bit every day-new restaurants and cafés, new galleries, new home renovations, new vintage clothing outlets, new design companies. 
-Less expensive than Shadyside and many young professionals and artists live in Lawrenceville and Greenfield
-Greenfield is a great option for students who want to be close to everything but in a quieter area than Oakland. A grocery store and several bus lines are within walking distance. Housing is very affordable. 

Mount Washington

-The neighborhood overlooking the city on a small mountain
-Two "inclines" (cable cars) go up and down with regular service; the bottom of the hill is known as Station Square and many students walk to Duquesne from here
-Wonderful views of the city and quiet neighborhoods

Has a beautiful view of the city. Drive of around 20 minutes; for public transportation, bus + incline ride of around 15-20 minutes. It's up on the mountain and it is often considered a wonderful option by students. Rents can be a little bit more expensive although many people have roommates. The "incline" up and down the mountain runs until midnight.
These are some of the close and famous neighborhoods nearby Duquesne. Let me know if you have any questions. You can also check Visit Pittsburgh website (www.visitpittsburgh.com) for events, activities, neighborhoods etc

Downtown and Uptown

• Mercy Hospital and Duquesne University are located in Uptown
• Downtown Pittsbugh is the closest walkable neighborhood to Duquesne; many residential apartments are opening here and a full grocery store is expected in 2015
• Be within walking distance of the theatre, art galleries, Point Park, etc.

Downtown: Walking distance from Duquesne. Housing is difficult to find but most convenient but might be expensive.

Uptown: Next to Duquesne and has many great affordable rent options but check the area carefully to make sure it is not too far from the university. Uptown areas next to Duquesne are safe due to Duquesne Police. Many Duquesne students live in this area. The housing is reasonable and affordable and is on walking distance.

(Uptown and Downtown are right next to Duquesne. You can walk to school easily from these neighborhoods. There are not too many options, but check PENN COMMONS, an apartment building downtown which is a 15 minute walk from Duquesne. Rents range from $400 - $700 per month and they are used to international students.)