Latin American Students

With a growing Latin American population, Pittsburgh has become a comfortable city where students can experience American culture at its best while enjoying the company of a sizeable Latino population.  Duquesne welcomes applicants from Central and South America and last year awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to Latin American students.  


As a citizen of a Latin American country applying to Duquesne, please note the following:

Undergraduate Students: You are required to send secondary school transcripts (grades reports) from at least the last four years of your education with your application. This will include the final results of your secondary school certificate.

At Duquesne, we will seriously consider grade results of 7 and above in all subjects (in a 10 point system), 15-16 and above (in a 20-point system), and 80% or above ( in a 100-point system). For students attending American-style secondary school, we expect the overall GPA to be around a 3.0 or better.

* This provides a broad idea of grade requirements and may vary according to which school and to which particular program you apply. You can contact the Center for Global Engagement if you have questions regarding a certain program.

Graduate Students:  You are required to send all of your university transcripts (grade reports) with your application. Each program evaluates your university performance differently.

You are required to submit a TOEFL that is current within the last year. A score of 550 (P)/ 79-80 (I)/ 213 (C) is required of most programs. You may also be required to sit for the Michigan English Proficiency Test upon arrival to Duquesne, if deemed necessary by our English as a Second Language Department.


Organizations and Networking

Duquesne is home to an active Latin American Student Association (LASA) and the Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) is a center of Latino life in Pittsburgh.

Refer to the Latin American Directory through LACU for a listing of activities and services sponsored by the Latino community in Pittsburgh.

A Student's Point of View:

As an undergraduate or a graduate applicant, you can contact one of our Cultural Ambassadors from Latin America to find out more about life at Duquesne and in Pittsburgh:

Felipe Merino, Ecuador, Business:

Ofelia Ponce, Honduras, International Relations:

Contact more Cultural Ambassadors with questions about Duquesne and Pittsburgh!