Information for Applicants from the Middle East

Duquesne University welcomes students from the Middle East and has a sizable Middle Eastern population.  Our Office of International Programs is here to support you throughout the application, visa, and arrival process. In addition to the information below,  be sure to consult the appropriate undergraduate freshmantransfer,  and graduate information pages.

Duquesne is a Catholic University that welcomes students of all faiths.  We have a Muslim prayer room on campus as well as a Muslim Student Association, Saudi Student Association,  and International Student Organization.  

Additional Information That You Should Gather:


  • (Third Year) Certificate/Transcript of  General Secondary Education showing completion of your studies and all grades achieved.  (We do not need a Certificate of Graduation.)
  • 1st and 2nd year secondary school transcripts. 
  • Letter of recommendation from a current professor- the "certificate of good conduct" is not eligible
  • English translations must be included with any Arabic documents
  • We generally look for grades in the 80's and higher. 
  • TRANSFER students - you must submit all records of academic studies after your high school studies. 
  • Students who have taken ESL courses in the USA or elsewhere must submit their records from the ESL school as part of their application. 
  • Students who have studied in the USA (including ESL) are encouraged to obtain their letter of recommendation from their current USA professors.



Duquesne University is happy to announce that they are an approved school for sponsorship by the Saudi Arabi Cultural Mission (SACM). Please read the following information carefully.  

Students who are in need of ESL training  but need an academic acceptance for SACM sponsorship should apply directly to the undergraduate program they are interested in.   Their applications will be evaluated based on their performance in their home country.  If they are admissable to an undergraduate program,  they will receive the same acceptance letter all international students are issued.

Our acceptance letters read:  All students who are non native speakers of English, (including all TOEFL-accepted students) must sit for English Language Placement Tests upon arrival at Duquesne University. Clearance into full time academic coursework is conditional upon successful completion of appropriate English language study identified through Placement Testing.

SACM accepts these acceptance letters as "conditional admittance".   

Once you arrive on campus and if you are found to need ESL,  you will automatically be placed in our ESL program.  SACM funding will pay for up to three semesters of ESL.   You do not need to apply to ESL separately.  Please do not submit concurrent applications for different programs.

Saudi students who wish to apply to our ESL program directly without applying to an undergraduate program should check with their SACM counselor to see if they will receive funding.  This is the student's responsiblity.  No immigration documents will be issued without the proper proof of funding.

Please note that if you are in need of an academic acceptance for funding purposes,  you must follow all the incoming policies and procedures for freshmen/transfer students including the Residence Life policy.