Current Military Students

Hello and Welcome!

You have a busy life so Duquesne University will always work hard to provide the information you need clearly and concisely.

Whether you are a newly enlisted or current servicemember student, there is important information to help you succeed in earning your degree. Before we share that information, though, we want you to know that we are constantly developing and evaluating programs and services to make your educational experience one that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

We are here to help you be successful. Thanks for all that you are doing and know that our good thoughts and prayers are with you.

Need Help? All You Have to Do is Ask

If you don't find an answer on our website, you can always reach us at:

Duquesne University Military and Veteran Services
1M (front) Libermann Hall, 600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15282 USA
Fax: 412.396.4711
Toll free: 1.800.283.3853

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Duquesne University experience.

University and Faculty Support: Please keep in touch with us as well as your instructors. You'll find the faculty is supportive of all Duquesne students but understands that our military students face unique challenges and circumstances. We and they are available to help you in any way we can.

Books: Textbooks have been a part of the educational system for a long time. Today, though, not all classes require books. Your first step is checking to see what texts and materials are required for your classes. You can do that just by visiting and checking the listing of your class. If your course uses materials that are not available in the bookstore, you can learn more about them on your course Web site.

Transfer Credits: To receive as many transfer credits as you can, you need to provide official copies of your transcripts. Until you are able to provide those official copies, unofficial ones help us to get you up and running with a credit evaluation more quickly. If you're in the Coast Guard, you only need to send your CG Institute paperwork to have transcripts evaluated.

After your official transcripts arrive, an "advanced standing" report will be generated and sent to you. Again, it is a bit different for Coast Guard students. They will receive a copy of the "student agreement" form. Please make sure that you have sent this information to us at the 210 Rockwell Hall.

Tuition Assistance: To avoid receiving invoices at your home, you need to submit a completed tuition assistance form. That allows us to send the bill directly to the DOD. Keep in mind that you will need to submit a tuition assistance form for each class in which you enroll. You'll also want to be sure that it is sent to our office prior to the start of class. They can be mailed to Rockwell Hall or faxed to 412.396.4711.

Remember: even though communication will be through email, it is important that you let us know if any of your other contact information changes.

Help Most Anytime! If you find that you need assistance with class, books, or just about anything else, we are here to help. Never hesitate to contact us. Regardless of the way you reach out, we will get back to you promptly. You can reach us toll-free at 1.800.283.3853.

Technical Assistance: Duquesne has a computing services help desk available to you. The Help Desk phone number is 412.396.4357 (HELP). If the only number you have programmed is the toll-free number (800.283.3853), we will be happy to transfer the call to get you up and running. As you would expect, you can also reach The Help Desk online at

Veteran Resources

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