Designating Authorized Payers

If a parent, guardian or spouse pays your invoice, students must designate that individual as an authorized payer in Tuition Payment Portal. 

Access to the Tuition Payment Portal allows Authorized Payers to:

  1. Pay their student's account balance
  2. Setup a Payment Plan
  3. Receive email notifications when tuition bills are posted
  4. Make a room deposit.

How to Designate an Authorized Payer

Students must follow these steps to add an Authorized Payer (parents, guardians, spouse or other third-parties):

  • Log into DORI
  • Click Tuition Payment Portal > Access Tuition Payment Portal
  • Click on the "Send a Payer Invitation" button
  • Follow the prompts to add an Authorized Payer
  • The Authorized Payer will receive email confirmation, including user login name and temporary password.