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Information for Parents

Paying the Bill

A college education is a valuable and expensive proposition, often paid for by the student's parents. Many parents feel that this financial obligation carries a need to monitor billing and avoid late payments.

Though a student may not be financially independent, each student's financial account is private. Bills and account status cannot be viewed by parents unless authorized by the student.

We hope this Web site helps you understand our processes. If not, feel free to contact us with specific financial questions.

Key Points about eBills

  • Duquesne does not mail paper bills or statements.
  • Student must go online to view eBill and student account status.
  • eBills posting notification is sent to a student's official Duquesne email address.

Students Must Authorize Parents as Users

Because college students' financial records are protected by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA), parents do not have automatic access to students' financial accounts.

To access and/or manage a student's financial accounts, a parent must be designated by a student as an authorized user in the CASHNet system.

As authorized users, parents will receive email notices that payment is due and be able to view bills online. Read more about CASHNet