Online Tuition Billing

All students and authorized payers will receive an e-mail notification when tuition bills are posted in the Tuition Payment Portal.


To view and access the billing statement, students must use their MultiPass to log into DORI and click on:

 Tuition Payment Portal > Access Tuition Payment Portal

Once logged in, students can:

  1. View current account activity
  2. Print a billing statement
  3. Make a payment
  4. Add parents and guardians as authorized payers - authorization gives them access to the Tuition Payment Portal
  5. Enroll in direct deposit for student refunds
  6. Sign up for a semester-based payment plan
  7. Make a room deposit.

Parents and Authorized Payers

Once your student has registered you as an authorized payer, you can access your student's account directly

  1. Log into Tuition Payment Portal using the user name and password your student has provided
  2. Access to make payments, enroll in a semester-based payment plan, view billing statements and make a room deposit.