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Fees and Deposits

Application Fee $     50
Matriculation Deposit (reserves student's place in the class - applied to Fall semester bill) $   500
Residence Hall Pre-Payment (upper class students; applied to Fall semester bill) $   300
New Student Fee **

$   249

Fees for Specific Schools/Programs

Law School Fees (per semester) $   478
Master of Library Science and Technology - Fee per course $     50
Enjoyment of Music Course Fee $    35
Music School Private Lesson Fee (non Music majors) $  500
Pharmacy Student Activities Fee (Years 3-6) (per semester)

$   228

Nursing Technology Fee: Freshman*

$   380

Nursing Technology Fee: Sophomore* $1,120
Nursing Technology Fee: Junior* $   860
Nursing Technology Fee: Senior* $1,110
Second Degree Nursing Technology Fee: (Billed $1,570.00 per term, Fall and Spring) $3,140
Decelerated Second Degree Technology Fee* $   110
BME/BSN Year 3* $  TBD
BME/BSN Year 4* $1,610
BME/BSN Year 5* $1,500
MSN & PMC Forensic Nursing and Nursing Education (per semester) $    65
MSN Family Nurse Practitioner (per semester) $  210
PMC Family Nurse Practitioner (per semester) $  275

Administrative Fees

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; full time students - per semester (excluding Law Students)

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; part time students - per credit (excluding Law Students) $  123
Credit by Examination (per semester hour granted as recognition of course proficiency) $TBD
Continuing Registration Fee $  726

*Nursing Technology fees are billed in the fall term only

**This is a one-time fee for all new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfer). It is used to cover the costs and opportunities (programming, communications, materials, etc.) associated with student transition to Duquesne University.

updated 2/2019