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UCOR 100: Research and Information Skills Online Course

June 25, 2018 - August 03, 2018

This online, one-credit course will help you develop new critical thinking and lifelong research skills, which can be applied during your time at Duquesne University, in everyday life, and in your chosen career. You will have the opportunity to complete hands-on information literacy projects with the ultimate goal of working with a team to create an attractive and informative research portfolio.

You will discover how different information sources (including books, journal articles, magazines, pamphlets, websites, and primary sources) may be appropriate for different purposes, and why it is essential to evaluate information sources by questioning the author's motives and the source's purpose.

This course will empower you to make choices about your personal and professional uses of information and simultaneously challenge you to have a skeptical lens for spotting fake news, exaggerated statistics, and misinformation. As a class, we will also explore the ways certain perspectives have traditionally been rejected by academic research, and seek a way to attain the best information for our purposes, regardless of the format in which it appears.

Learning Outcomes

  • After taking this course, you should be able to:
  • Define scholarship as conversation
  • Evaluate sources with an understanding of context
  • Recognize that information has value and use information ethically
  • Search strategically in a flexible and exploratory manner
  • Assess the fit between an information source and information need

*This course has reached capacity and registration has been closed. Students who wish to take the course but have not yet registered have the opporunity to do so during their Freshman year.