Redesigned SAT FAQ

The redesigned SAT will be available in March of 2016. Following are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Will you accept both current and redesigned SAT scores?
A. Yes, we will use scores from both the current and the redesigned assessments.

Q. Will you superscore (combine the highest individual scores from all the dates you took the SAT) the redesigned SAT?
A. Yes. We will continue to superscore the exam. We will not, however, mix scores from the current and redesigned exam.

Q. Will you require the optional essay with the redesigned SAT?
A. No. The optional essay will not be required.

Q. Will I be at a competitive disadvantage (as a Fall 2016 applicant) if I do not take the redesigned SAT?
A. No. Applicants will be given the same consideration regardless of which exam they take.

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