Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Process

Q:  When can I apply?

A:  Our Future Focused application is available beginning July 1, while Common App and Coaltion by Scoir applications are available August 1. We encourage students to apply early for the fall term (classes starting in August), but you can also apply anytime for spring (classes starting in January) and summer (classes starting in May or June) terms. Learn more about applying as a first year or transfer student.

Q:  How many times should I take my SAT/ACT?

A:  As many times as you'd like. Higher scores could also mean the potential for more academic scholarship money. We superscore all tests, which means we take the highest of all components of each test and recalculate the highest possible score for you. If you're interested, all programs now offer test-optional admission.

Q:  Are admissions interviews required?

A:  You are not required to have an admissions interview; however, it is important to talk with an admission counselor if there are specific questions you'd like to discuss.

Q:  What if I'm not sure about what major to choose?

A:  It's ok to be undecided! Each year, many first year students start at Duquesne without an official major. If you do know what area you would like to study, such as liberal arts, business or sciences, you can apply as "undecided" in that school, so that you can start taking classes that are offered by that specific school. You'll have support to help you choose a major. During your first year, you can work with your Student Success Coach, talk to faculty and other students, as well as see what classes you like the best. You will also be taking Bridges Common Learning Experience classes for your first few semesters, which can also help to explore different academic areas.

Q:  What are the application deadlines?

A:  See our deadlines page for more information about the benefits of applying by our Early Action deadlines. The majority of our academic programs review applications year-round, on a rolling basis. Applicants to our Physician Assistant Studies programs must apply by December 1.

Q:  How soon will I know if I get accepted?

A:  We start the review of applications in October. Once your application is complete, you can expect to hear an admission decision and scholarship details in about two weeks. Physician Assistant Studies typically reach admissions decisions in February. Be sure to review our important dates and deadlines.

Q:  Will my AP Credits / IB Credits/ College Credits in High School transfer?

A:  Duquesne has among the most competitive recognition program for AP credits, as well as credit for IB coursework. You can read about all of the college credit while in high school opportunities available at Duquesne. 

Q:  Is there an office on campus that will help me find a job when I graduate?

A:   Yes, the Career Development Center, located in the Union, is available beginning your first year as a Duquesne student. You can get insight on internships, job fairs, employment opportunities, as well as with any aspect of the job-hunting process from resume writing to interview skills and more.

Each school also has dedicated staff members who will help students on their journey to their future careers.

Q:  What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?

A:  Duquesne is a high-research university and offers a conducive research environment to learn through true hands-on opportunities. Each year Duquesne hosts an Undergraduate Research Symposium. Students from all fields of study have the opportunity to participate.