Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Duquesne University

Gain valuable leadership skills, help to fund your college education, become part of something bigger...

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has a longstanding tradition at Duquesne University, with a charter established on campus in 1917. Thousands of Duquesne University graduates have gone on to serve the nation as officers while earning their degree right here in Pittsburgh. Duquesne alumni like

On average, there are about 50 ROTC students at Duquesne each year. ROTC is an elective program that runs in conjunction with your existing degree program. You receive college credit for your ROTC classes and some courses may be used to meet degree requirements for your college major. ROTC classes will teach you leadership, management, values, ethics, military skills, and effective communication.

You can earn your commission in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps through the affiliation Duquesne University has with each military branch.

ROTC is an officer commissioning program. Students interested in enrolling in ROTC and a career in the armed forces are encouraged to enroll in our basic level courses. These courses do not have any prerequisites or commitments and are designed to teach basic military leadership fundamentals. Only scholarship students or students who advance to our upper-level courses incur any service obligation.

Student and alumni feedback...

"My experience as both a Duquesne University student and Air Force ROTC cadet has prepared me tremendously for my future and given me tools that I will utilize for the rest of my life. Balancing the academic rigor at Duquesne with the military training within AFROTC was integral to improving upon time management skills, and prioritization of tasks. The strict military-discipline instilled in AFROTC also had a positive impact in my academic life, as the emphasis on attention-to-detail and expectation to surpass expectations positively impacted my schoolwork. Duquesne University and ROTC instill values and qualities that go hand-in-hand with one another and allowed me to grow as a scholar, airman, and individual during my four years."

2nd Lt. Drake Moraczewski AFROTC Class of 2021 International Security Studies

"The camaraderie among the cadets at My Duquesne experience was wonderful due in large part to the camaraderie of the cadets in the Army ROTC program. I always felt supported and encouraged by my battle buddies which pushed me physically at PT and mentally in the classroom.

I just graduated with the Class of 2021 from Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and commissioned into the active duty Army Nurse Corps. After passing the NCLEX (nursing state boards) I will attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) in San Antonio, Texas before heading to my first duty station where I will gain skill and master my fundamentals of medical surgical floor nursing.

Duquesne Nursing School has been the most challenging four years of my life. Nursing school required immense amount of studying and dedication. I feel grateful for the challenges its imposed of my life and I feel prepared to be a nurse at a US Army Hospital.

ROTC has taught me time management that is crucial in the nursing profession. I learned how to work from 0600 until dinner time when I began to prepare for the next day and then head to bed early. ROTC has also given me leadership skills that I will use every day in my profession as a nurse.

My advice to perspective cadets is to try the program out and see if it is a good fit for you; ROTC isn't for everyone, but you don't know until you try. Younger cadets: give it your all and accept the challenges of every day. Find the balance of school work and ROTC. Get involved and make friends with cadets from other schools!

I have enjoyed my time in the Army ROTC program at Duquesne and I will truly miss it. This program taught me more than I ever could have imaged. It allowed me to stay focused and organized while challenging myself every day. I have met amazing people from fellow Duquesne cadets, to cadre, and cadets from schools all around PA. I am very grateful to Three Rivers Battalion for all it has given me."

2nd Lt. Colleen Rafter Army ROTC Class of 2021, School of Nursing