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Duquesne University is dedicated to education for the mind, the heart, and the soul, and the Gussin Spiritan Division stands as a hallmark of that dedication. Named for the religious congregation of priests and brothers that founded the University in 1878 and a distinguished alumnus and his wife who endowed the department in 2004, the Gussin Spiritan Division specializes in helping students of varying backgrounds develop their full potential as students and citizens of the world. The Division's well-developed and performance-tested system of personal guidance and learning assistance supports the student's transition from high school diploma to college degree.

Your admission to the University confirms that you have the wherewithal to meet our academic standards. There are, of course, academic goals that you must achieve in order to continue enrollment, and your academic average-known at Duquesne as the Quality (Grade) Point Average (QPA/GPA)-is a driving force.


The Gussin Spiritan Division is dedicated to helping you maximize your chances of college success. While there are many factors that will impact that success, chief among them is a solid transition to college life:

1. You will make successful college transitions when you learn to adapt to new environments and new situations-like having a different schedule each weekday, having a roommate for the first time, balancing social, personal and academic responsibilities, and taking care of such things as your own checking account or making and keeping your own appointments. The Gussin Spiritan Division is here to help you as you learn to make these and other transitions.

2. Solid college transitions require solid academic skills, too. There are many academic skills necessary for college success with reading, studying, writing, editing, and critical thinking as the most important ones.

3. Your success is the Division's goal, and to that end you will have high-quality academic support should problems arise.

4. The Gussin Spiritan Division faculty and staff will support you through the successful completion of our first-year 33-credit curriculum and help you successfully transition to your sophomore year. The Division holds various transfer relationships with the College and the schools that will be discussed with you spring semester of your freshman year. Your school of choice may have specific academic requirements that you must meet to be admitted. So, make sure you know what those requirements are and work to achieve them so you can make a successful transfer.

5. The credits you earn in the Division will apply to your degree program in whatever school you enroll, either as core or elective courses. Core courses are those that all students, regardless of school or major, must complete.

6. The solid transitions you make while in the Division will be the foundation for your success.


Division students are highly successful and competitive. Their freshmen academic performance is often superior to that of other Duquesne freshmen. For instance, 34.5 percent of a recent cohort attained QPAs (quality point averages) of 3.0 and above, with 13.5 percent of them achieving Dean's List status (3.5 and above).

The Gussin Spiritan Division has served students for more than 30 years through a series of programs designed to promote and support success. We are here to help you achieve success, too.

Commonly Asked Questions about the Gussin Spiritan Division and the Summer Semester

Read answers to commonly asked questions and check out out the Spiritan Division booklet.

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