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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any transportation provided to Duquesne students?
The Student Government Association Loop Bus is a FREE service provided by the Office of the Student Government Association and the Division of Student Life. All Duquesne University students may ride the bus free of charge during normal operational hours.

Are freshmen allowed to have a car on campus?
No. Resident freshmen cannot have a car on campus.

Read more about public transportation and living off campus at Commuter Affairs.


Do you have to be Catholic to attend Duquesne?
Founded in the Catholic tradition, Duquesne University is Catholic by design and is ecumenical by mission, welcoming students from all faiths to grow in their spiritual journey. There are worship sites nearby for many religious denominations.

Please visit Campus Ministry.

Majors and Academics

Do I have to specify a major before I am admitted?
No. You may apply as "undecided."

Can you double-major at Duquesne?
Yes, but not in all programs. Contact the Office of Admissions for further information.

Is a foreign language required for admission?
No, but we prefer two years of the same foreign language.

Can non-music majors enroll in music classes?
Students in any academic program have the option of playing an instrument and joining our own Duquesne Symphony Orchestra.  See the School of Music Web site for a list of ensembles.

Admission Process

Is an interview required for the admission process?
No.  A personal information session is not required but is recommended.

What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?
For Early Decision, you must apply only to Duquesne.  Students who apply Early Decision must also submit their enrollment deposit by December 31.  Early Action has a December 1 application deadline and only applies to Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies majors. Learn more.

Do you have 'Pre-Med' and 'Pre-Law' as majors?
We offer a 'Pre-Med' and 'Pre-Law' track. Please visit Pre-Health Professions and Pre-Law for additional information.

Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) course credits?
Yes, provided the student passes the AP exam with the appropriate score.  Decisions on passing scores and the acceptability of AP credits is left up to the discretion of individual academic programs.

Do I have to begin in the fall semester?
No. A student can apply for the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. We have rolling admission throughout the year for most majors.

How long will it take to find out if I'm admitted?
Once your application is complete and is submitted online or by mail, all necessary supporting documents must be sent to the Admissions Office.  Once all documentation is received, decisions may take 4-6 weeks.

Is the FAFSA form required for academic scholarship?
No. Academic scholarships are offered to students based on academic performance, not financial need.

Once I am accepted, how do I confirm that I want to attend Duquesne?
Submit the your $500 enrollment deposit online to the Office of Admissions.

Can Duquesne employees and their families attend classes?
Yes. Learn about Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange.