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Please use the following form to send your story to us. If you have already posted your memories online, send us the link to your video or photo(s). If not available online, please use this form to let us know, and we will contact you about sending us photos. We can also let you know if there is an upcoming event where you can record a video of your story in person!

You may also use the space provided to send us a text story. In order that you do not lose your story, please write it on your computer and save the file (such as a Word document), then when complete, copy/paste the text into this form.

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Video: Upload a video on YouTube, then provide the web location/URL below, for example:

Photos: Upload your photo(s) online to a site like Flickr or Picasa, then provide the web location/URL below. Alternatively, skip the upload and we will get in touch about sending the photos to us directly.

Description: Briefly describe your video or photo album, or enter the full text story if you have decided to write a message.

Note: By submitting your video/photos/text, your transfer all rights to Duquesne University. All submissions are subject to review and editing by the university and posted at our discretion.