Luis Fábregas


Luis Fábregas
Editor, Tribune Review

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luis Fábregas came a long way from home to attend Duquesne University in 1984. He was promoted to editor of the Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh in 2016 after having served in various capacities within the publication since 1997, including deputy managing editor, reporter, columnist, medical editor and investigative reporter.

Fábregas said Duquesne prepared him tremendously for a career after college, especially learning from professors who knew what it was like to be in the newsroom and taking part in an engaging residential life experience, including time spent as a Resident Assistant.

"Duquesne gave me a sense of my life and what I wanted to do," he said.

The newspaper industry has changed a great deal since he entered the workforce more than two decades ago, but Fábregas has stepped up to the challenges facing his line of work.

"The readers are now determining what is important, what news they want to see," he said. "We have done well conveying the news in areas like healthcare, politics and technology- news that is important to our readers."

Fábregas said many people now get their news from social sites, noting that approximately 1/3 of traffic to comes through Facebook. As the world of digital news evolves, he acknowledges the importance of what he learned as a student at Duquesne.

"It is still very important to remain objective and get your sources," he said. "You have to practice journalism the way you were taught."

Fábregas is also author of A Transplant for Katy, which chronicles the death of Katy Miller, who died at the age of 21 following a liver transplant, and the fallout that altered the career of Dr. Thomas Starzl, world-renowned elder statesman of transplantation. He is considering writing another book in the future.