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Milica "Mila" Govich, Actress/Adjunct Professor of Theatre at Oakland University

A Duquesne University graduate will soon be gracing the silver screen in the movie adaptation of John Green's New York Times Bestselling novel "The Fault in Our Stars," which is set to open on June 6. Milica "Mila" Govich, S'78, can be seen playing the role of "Mrs. Waters," the mother of male lead "Augustus Waters", played by Ansel Elgort.

Mila Govich

Milica Govich has appeared on Broadway in Hello, Dolly! with Carol Channing, on television in HBO's Hung and CBS's Three Rivers, and in movies such as Trust and Jinn, as well as in various other productions for stage and screen. After earning her B.S. in Education from Duquesne, she went on to receive an M.F.A. from Ohio University's Professional Actor Training Program.

Govich chose Duquesne after seeing the Tamburitzans perform annually in Lorain, Ohio, where she grew up. She was enamored with the group, and it was a "dream come true" to tour with them and be a part of the group as a student, which in turn prepared her for regular performance in front of large crowds. Govich says she loves the diversity of people in Pittsburgh and at Duquesne, explaining "they are real people, very kind, very genuine, who would give you the shirts off their backs."

Performing with the Tamburitzans and representing Duquesne nationally and internationally were some of Govich's greatest accomplishments at Duquesne. She specifically cherishes the opportunity she had to travel to the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria under the auspices of the U.S. State Department as Ambassadors of good will.

Today, Govich works as an actress and adjunct professor of theatre at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. When asked what she loves most about her work, Govich replied, "I love influencing lives as a professor. I teach ‘Intro to Theatre' at Oakland University where I have about 140 students a semester who are taking the class as part of their general education curriculum. My goal is to instill some of the passion I have for the theatre into them, and hope that they will be playgoers for the rest of their lives instead of just going to see movies". Govich says she is delighted when many former students go on to become theatre majors or minors after taking her class, some even becoming as playwrights.

Govich also teaches an on camera acting class for acting majors and coachs actors at Oakland University. She says, "It's very rewarding as they are so talented and many go on to have careers on Broadway and in the film industry. I feel so blessed to do what I love". As an actor, Govich loves creating a character that may be very different from herself and moving people so that they leave the theatre transformed in some way.

Govich lauds the upcoming addition of the Black Box Theater to campus, and says she is in awe of how the campus has changed and grown since her time on the Bluff.