Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

Feb. 17, 2000, Thurs., 4:00-5:30
Berger Gallery (2nd floor, College Hall)


a) Report of last meeting (Jan. 15, 2000): see below
b) Report of Coordinating Committee meeting (Feb. 10, 2000)
c) Determination of members for the four Center committees
c) Establishment of specific tasks for the four Center committees: see below

3) Suggested immediate committee tasks (based on Coordinating Committee meeting)

a) Coordinating Committee: Article in Times about CIQR (University Relations)

b) Events Committee
1) Internal (to Duquesne) speaker or panel (University Events -- 6033)
2) External speakers for next Fall and Spring (University Events - - 6033)

c) Information and Promotion Committee: Center Pamphlet (University Relations -- 6043 -- and University Press -- 6610)

d) Grants and Research Committee
1) Grant or endowment for the Center (Office of Research -- 5652)
2) Grants for collaborative research ( " " ")
3) Grants for specific activities (" " ")

4) Request for new members and the report of last meeting (Jan. 15, 2000)

We welcome and want to encourage everyone to participate (all our meetings will be open); but we are also requesting faculty to help us form a full complement for the Steering Committee and for the following committees:

1) Center Coordinating Committee

2) Center Events Committee

3) Center Grants and Research Committee

4) Center Information and Promotion Committee


Agenda for March 16, 2000 Meeting

1) Minutes of Feb. 17, 2000 meeting:

a) Attendance: 20 persons from 12 different departments, schools, and administrative units

b) Accomplishments:

1) Establishment of chairs, members, and immediate tasks for the four committees of the Center

a) Coordinating Committee
1) Chair and Center coordinator, Fred Evans, Philosophy;
Members: Paul Richer, Psychology; Ellen
Olshansky, Nursing; Gary Shank, Education; Matt
Schneirov, Sociology
2) Immediate task: Article in Times about CIQR by April 15 (Contact person: Karen Nootbaar of University relations)

b) Information and Promotion Committee
1) Chair, Paul Richer, Psychology; Members: Gary Shank, Education
2) Immediate task: Design of a brochure for the Center by April 15 (Contact person: Karen Nootbaar of University Relations)

c) Grants and Research Committee
1) Chair, Ellen Olshansky, Nursing; Members: Rodney Hopson, Education; Teresa Donegan, Psychology and St. Francis Medical Center; Leni Resick,
2) Immediate task: Inquiry into grants/endowment for the Center by April 15 (Contact person: Jim Phillips, Sponsored Research)

d) Events Committee
1) Chair, Matt Schneirov, Sociology; Members: Doug
Harper, Sociology, Suzanne Barnard, Psychology, Fred Evans, Philosophy, Mark Frisch, Modern
Languages, Jaime Munoz, Occupational Therapy, Dan Burston, Psychology
2) Immediate tasks:
a) External Speaker for Fall, 2000: Suzanne Barnard, Psychology (by April 15; Suzanne is already negotiating with a speaker)
b) Internal panel on method: Matt Schneirov (chair),Sociology, Jaime Munoz, Occupational Therapy, Karen Levitt, Education, and
Rodney Hopson, Education (by early April)

2) Establishment of Other Immediate Concerns
a) Integration of graduate students into Center
b) Adding more members to Center Committees
c) Ensuring more time for sharing of our own work involving interpretive and qualitative methods (the internal panel
event is intended to do this and also to attract other
faculty to the Center, but more time will have to be
devoted to acquainting one another with our work)

c) We continue to invite interested faculty to join CIQR, and we urge our members to sign up for the four committees

d) All members of CIQR are requested to send the Coordinator by e-mail ( a five sentence description of your research involving interpretive and qualitative research plus full references to two of
your publications; CIQR will use these to make up a composite of the
research interests of our members. Please complete this by March 14 so
that it can be ready for the March 16 meeting

e) The next meeting is March 16, 2000, 4:00 to 5:30, Berger Gallery (207 College Hall)

f) The meeting accomplished its agenda in a general atmosphere of good will and humor with occasional flashes of brilliance

2) Agenda for March 16, 2000 Meeting, 4:00-5:30, Berger Gallery (207 CH)

a) Review of the Minutes from the Feb. 17 Meeting
b) Reports from the Four Center Committees (see Minutes)
c) Discussion of issues raised in the Feb. 17 Meeting
1) Nature and frequency of internal events
2) Center course offering
3) Center Fellow
4) Web site
5) Graduate Students
d) Please forward to me any additional agenda items that you may have (

We would also like for interested faculty to encourage their graduate students to participate in the Center.