Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

CIQR - Meeting on March 16, 2000


1) Coordinating Committee reported that Karen Nootbaar of Public Affairs had kindly offered to write an article on CIQR in the Duquesne Times; announced a suggestion from Dorothy Frayer of the Center of Teaching Excellence concerning the use of qualitative research in relation to the outcomes of technologies that support teaching and learning

2) Information and Promotion Committee reported on their discussion with Karen Nootbaar of Public Affairs concerning a brochure for the Center

3) Grants and Research Committee reported that they had scheduled a meeting with Jim Philips of Sponsored Research

4) The Events Committee reported that they had completed most of their plans for CIQR's first panel discussion of interpretive and qualitative research -- Committee Chair Matt Schneirov (Sociology) and committee members Karen Levitt (Education) and Jaime Munoz (Occupational Therapy) have been working incredibly hard and with great success on this Center project (the particulars about this upcoming April 4th event will be announced on a separate e-mail and flyer)

5) We discussed, but then tabled for the next meeting, the structure of the Center's monthly meetings (should they include each time a presentation by a different member on her or his research), integrating graduate students into the Center, and the Center fellow and Center course for next year