Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

NEXT MEETING: April 13, 2000, 4:00-5:30, Berger Gallery (207 College Hall)


1) Reports by the Coordinating Committee concerning Duquesne Times article on CIQR, Information Committee on Center brochure, Grant Committee on meeting with Sponsored Research, and Events Committee on April 4th panel discussion and Fall 2000 external speaker.

2) Further discussion of the structure of the Center's monthly meetings (should they include each time a presentation by a different member on her or his research)

3) Further discussion of integrating graduate students into the Center

4) Further discussion of Center fellow and Center course for next year

Please forward any additional agenda items to the Center Coordinator, Fred Evans (Philosophy Dept.):

All members of CIQR are requested to send the Coordinator by e-mail ( a five sentence description of your research involving interpretive and qualitative research plus full references to two of your publications; CIQR will use these to make up a composite of the research interests of our members. Please complete this by the April 14 meeting.


A short business meeting and a PRESENTATION of Interpretative and Qualitative Research:

Jaime Phillip Muñoz, MS, OTR, FAOTA

"Occupational Therapists' Perception of Cross Cultural

Clinical Encounters"

Jaime Muñoz is a member of CIQR's steering committee as well a member of the faculty of Duquesne's Occupational Therapy Department. His research interests center around creating a model of cultural competency for occupational therapy. He will provide a brief overview of his current efforts to design a qualitative research study based on descriptions of culturally competent care solicited from practicing clinicians. He will outline plans for his research study and welcomes a spirited critique centered on methodological issues.

Jaime will send an "attachment" copy of his presentation to all members of CIQR and to all Duquesne employees. A hard copy will also be available for xeroxing at the reserve desk of the Gumberg library under the name of CIQR Coordinator, Fred Evans, plus the name of the author and the title of the paper (in this case, Jaime Muñoz, "Occupational Therapists' Perception of Cross Cultural Clinical Encounters"). Please read Jaime's presentation for the meeting; this will permit Jaime to keep his summary statement brief and will allow the bulk of the time to be spent discussing his project. Nonetheless, you are still encouraged to attend the meeting and to participate in the discussion even if you haven't been able to read the piece.