Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

On Monday, March 29, the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts and the Office of the Provost of Duquesne University will sponsor a public talk by Dr. Mary C. Boys, S.N.J.M.. Dr. Boys' talk is entitled, "Interpretations of the Passion and Death of Jesus: Implications for Jewish-Christian Relations." Her talk will be followed by a short response by Rabbi Alvin Berkun of the Tree of Life Synagogue (Pittsburgh). The discussion period will be moderated by Dr. William Thompson-Uberuaga (Department of Theology, Duquesne).

This event is jointly hosted by Duquesne's Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research (C.I.Q.R.), the Jewish Faculty Federation (JFF), and Campus Ministry and has been arranged in collaboration with The First Century Project, an interfaith coalition in Pittsburgh.

The controversial film, The Passion of the Christ, is scheduled for release in Pittsburgh on February 25, Ash Wednesday. This movie has created quite a stir already in the public media with some critiques already appearing in Time, The New Yorker, and the New Republic. The February 16th edition of Newsweek has a cover story on this film. A panel of both Jewish and Christian scholars was invited to preview the movie in August 2003 and have publicly commented on the level of violence and the film's problematic portrayal of the Jews. Most Christian viewers may not perceive anything amiss with the movie's depiction of the Jews and may be confused by the controversy that this film has been generating. Dr. Boys' talk, "Interpretations of the Passion and Death of Jesus: Implications for Jewish-Christian Relations" will unpack some of the serious issues that this movie raises for both Jewish and Christian communities. Dr. Boys' will not be giving a review of the film, but rather discussing the key interpretive and historical issues that are raised by the film. Therefore, it will not be necessary for you to have viewed the film before her talk.

Dr. Boys is the Skinner and McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary and currently serves as an adjunct member of the faculties at Jewish Theological Seminary of America and of Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to her appointment at Union, she taught for seventeen years at Boston College. Dr. Boys has published four well received monographs on the topic of Jewish-Christian relations, the most recent one is entitled, Has God Only One Blessing? Judaism as a Source of Christian Self-Understanding (2000). Dr. Boys has also published numerous articles and has served on the boards of the Tanenbaum Foundation for Interreligious Understanding, the Suenens Foundation, the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education at Seton Hill University, and the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Dr. Boys received her graduate degrees (MA and PhD) from Columbia University-Union Theological Seminary and has been a member of the Sisters of the Holy Names (S.N.J.M.), a congregation of Roman Catholic women, since 1965.