Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

NEXT MEETING: April 22 (Thurs.), 2004, 4:00-5:30PM, Berger Gallery, 207 College Hall

Agenda: CIQR Reception and Open Discussion of CIQR and its Future

We will pay special attention to the latest (and probably final) draft of the Program Description for the Certificate in Interpretive and Qualitative Research Program. This document is attached to the e-mail memo. Please look it over and be prepared to make any comments you might have on it.

I (CIQR Coordinator) want to thank the members of the Certificate Program Committee (Ric Colignon, Rodney Hopson, Leswin Laubscher, Jaime Munoz, Martha Peterson, Maria Piantanida, Matt Schnierov [Committee Chair], and Gary Shank) for the very hard work they put into composing this document. I am told by the committee chair that acknowledgement and thanks for especially hard work on the document go to Jaime Munoz, Maria Piantanida, Gary Shank, as well as, I will add, the committee chair himself, Matt Schnierov. Maria Piantanida did the majority of the editing and wordsmithing on the document.

All interested faculty, graduate students, and other parties are invited.