Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

Minutes of last meeting (Sept. 18, 2003): Around 40 persons attended The CIQR Open House/First Meeting of the new school year. The new Committee structure/members for CIQR and the new CIQR fellow, Jennifer Hwang (Psychology), were introduced. Besides enjoying our refreshments and good cheer, members of the committees met and established their strategies for accomplishing this years business. Part of this business includes the important work of the committee in charge of the new CIQR certificate in qualitative and interpretive research. The Monthly Presentation committee is undertaking a new format more panel driven and more inclusive of humanities as well as the social and behavioral sciences. The Graduate-Student Liaison committee ensured a good turn out of graduate students for the open house and promises to do the same for future meetings. Matt Schneirov (Sociology) reported on his success in working with the Library Staff in order to establish a special collection on interpretive and qualitative research. And the External Speaker committee is lining up a speaker for the spring semester.