Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

(E-mail memo: Feb. 23, 2006)

The Psychology department. and CIQR are jointly sponsoring a Qualitative Research Software Workshop:

Qualitative Research Software: Oxymoron or Opportunity?

Does qualitative research software take the "quality" out of qualitative research? Or is it possible that software can facilitate, enrich, and deepen qualitative research? Whether you're a graduate student developing a method for dissertation research, a seasoned faculty member with extensive experience in qualitative methodologies, or simply a curious thinker, please join us for:

A Workshop on "Qualrus"

Software on Qualitative Research

April 21, 2006 3-5pm
223 College Hall
Light Refreshments will be Served

The workshop will consist of an informal demonstration and discussion, led by a recent graduate student who used qualitative research software for her dissertation. Attendees are encouraged to bring examples or questions from their own research.  Diverse methods of qualitative analysis are welcome (e.g. phenomenological, discourse analytic, visual ethnographic).   Interested attendees may email research data to the workshop organizers, for use as sample data, by April 7, 2006 ( This data should be qualitative but can range from transcripts to written protocols to images.

All faculty, students, and other interested parties are invited to attend. Parking is available in the Forbes Lot located on Forbes Avenue between Magee Street and Washington Place.

For inquiries concerning CIQR, please contact the Center Coordinator, Fred Evans, Dept. of Philosophy,, 396-6507, or access the CIQR website,

*The Center has been officially approved by the Dean of the College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, The Graduate Council of the College, and the Council of Deans for the University. It is based in the College but open to members of all the schools of the University. It includes interpretive and qualitative research in both the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences (including the practice of the latter in Nursing, Education, Occupational Therapy and other professional schools).