Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

Special CIQR Certificate Program Event:
Dec. 7, (Wed., "Reading Day"), 2005, 9:00AM-12:00, 2:00PM-4:00PM, Berger Gallery, 207 College Hall, Duquesne University.

All interested faculty, graduate students, and other parties are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Agenda : On Dec. 7, Reading Day, Professor Matt Schneirov, Sociology and Coordinator for the CIQR Certificate Program, will conduct the Certificate Program Student Conference. The first Certificate Program class, consisting of eight students from various departments, will present papers representing their work in the CIQR Certificate Pro-Seminar that has been taking place this semester under Prof. Schneirov. The schedule of presentations is given below. All CIQR members, and especially members of the Steering Committee, are urged to attend as many of the papers as you can. Refreshments will be served. Thanking you in advance on this auspicious occassion, Fred Evans, CIQR Coordinator, Matt Schneirov, CIQR Certificate Program Coordinator.

Schedule of Presentations:

9-9:30 Bill Blais, psychology " A Mythological Examination of Technology."

9:30-10 Linda Zane, education "Teachers' Attachment Recollections from Childhood as Predictors of Teacher-Child Relationships WIthin Early Childhood Classrooms."

10-10:30 Tanya A, Brown, psychology "Conversations Matter: An Ethnographic Evaluation of a Local Community Iniative."

10:30-11:00 Fadoua Loudiy, Rhetoric ""Phobias Reborn: Politics of the Other and Excesses of Memory"

11:-11:30 Tom Sparrow, philosophy "Essex School Discourse Analysis: What's it For?"
11:30-12 Anne Marie Hansen, education "Experiences in Service Learning: Listening to Many Voices."

12-2 Break

2-2:30 Mandy Schleifer, psychology "Bridging the Research-Practice Gap: Involving Therapists in the Development of Clinically Relevant Research Questions."

2:30-3 John Danna, psychology "Narrative Change in Psychotherapy."

3-4:00 Presentation of Certificates and Party

For inquiries concerning CIQR, please contact the Center Coordinator, Fred Evans, Dept. of Philosophy,, 396-6507, or access the CIQR website,
*The Center has been officially approved by the Dean of the College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, The Graduate Council of the College, and the Council of Deans for the University. It is based in the College but open to members of all the schools of the University. It includes interpretive and qualitative research in both the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences (including the practice of the latter in Nursing, Education, Occupational Therapy and other professional schools).