Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research
(CIQR -- "seeker")*

Meeting Date:  Sept. 30 (Thurs.), 2010, 4:30-6:00 PM, Berger Gallery, 207 College Hall, Duquesne University

Presenter:  Professor Anne Marie Witchger Hansen, Ed.D, OTR/L
Bio:  Anne Marie is an Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy in the Rangos School of Health Sciences at Duquesne University where she teaches foundations of practice, clinical reasoning, and community and world health, incorporating the service learning pedagogy into her courses for over 10 years. Anne Marie has given numerous workshops on her work at professional conferences nationally and internationally and has published several journal articles on service learning, developing community partnerships, and situated learning.
Title: "Community Partner Perspectives on Community-University Partnerships"
AbstractCommunity partner voices are important to understand, because they provide the contexts in which students meet course objectives in a natural context and also meet community-identified needs (Witchger-Hansen et al., 2007; Provident, et al., 2011). To sustain these community-university partnerships, faculty must understand how community partners are experiencing these partnerships, so that they in turn can adjust, revise, or enhance the partnership process that supports the service-learning pedagogy. The purpose of this three-year study was to listen to the voices of community partners who participated in community-university partnerships that support service-learning for occupational therapy students enrolled in a two-semester course on clinical reasoning. Specifically, the objectives of this study were to a) understand how community partners experienced community-university partnerships that support service-learning within the department of occupational therapy, and to b) understand how community partners experiences changed over time. Key findings included issues of effective communication and time, when experiencing the partnership itself through the faculty member. When experiencing the service learning projects with the students, community partners discussed developing meaningful relationships, spending time, and communicating effectively.

All interested faculty, graduate students, and other parties are invited.  Refreshments will be served.

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*The Center has been officially approved by the Dean of the College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, The Graduate Council of the College, and the Council of Deans for the University.  It is based in the College but open to members of all the schools of the University.  It includes interpretive and qualitative research in both the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences (including the practice of the latter in Nursing, Education, Occupational Therapy and other professional schools).