Student presents research at research symposium

Our expertise delivers answers to complex issues

Duquesne University is a vital contributor to our knowledge-based regional economy. Our close connection with students and mission of service distinguishes Duquesne from other institutions, as faculty experts guide transformative research across academic disciplines including liberal arts, sciences, health related fields and business.

The University's excellent faculty-student ratio and conducive research environment allows students to learn through true hands-on engagement. Research opportunities have resulted in top national honors, such as Fulbright, Goldwater and Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation scholarships.

Group research projects facilitated by our faculty can provide your organization with insights from the next generation of professionals and deliver actionable solutions to challenges facing your business. 

Support from corporate partners and foundations enables faculty and students to advance knowledge that:

  • Creates new discoveries in science and health that improve society at large
  • Spurs economic development through collaborative relationships
  • Provides answers to complex business problems and  
  • Encourages the development of companies and technologies that create employment opportunities 

In addition to corporate and foundation support, our faculty are also funded by federal and state governments through the Office of Research

Duquesne's commitment to robust, mutually-beneficial partnerships is why many corporations and foundations choose to work with us. Contact us to learn more about how our experts can help meet your goals.