Duquesne students receive awards recognizing their commitment to academics and service at the 2018 Spirit of Diversity Dinner.

Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Duquesne's Spiritan founders and sponsors have always believed in welcoming all and excluding none. Our students, faculty and staff represent a community in which human diversity is valued.

By connecting our campus community with your organization, we can collaborate to embrace different backgrounds, beliefs and talents to cultivate a more diverse and global workforce.

Spirit of Diversity Dinner

Since 2015, Duquesne University has hosted the Spirit of Diversity Dinner, celebrating its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Each year, students are honored for their academic and community service achievements that exemplify Duquesne's mission of serving others. Past keynote speakers at this event have included Swin Cash, Saleem Ghubril, and Charlie Batch.

This event takes place through the support of corporate sponsors that share the University's commitment to diversity, inclusion and service. These and other corporate partnerships ensure that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion can continue raising scholarship funds and extending education in our communities.

Diversity Networking Events

The Duquesne University Center for Career Development and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion work in collaboration to host events that connect Duquesne students with Pittsburgh's leading companies who are interested in having a diverse workplace.

Minority Development Internship Program (MDIP)

Deeply embedded in Duquesne's Spiritan philosophy is a commitment to uplifting individuals and communities physically, socially, spiritually, and-not least of all-economically. One of our most successful outreach programs is the Minority Development Internship Program (MDIP), which provides employment opportunities to unemployed or underemployed college-educated women and minorities through compensated, full-time temporary employment at Duquesne. These placements enable interns to build their skillset and continue on to gain permanent employment at Duquesne and organizations in the Pittsburgh region. MDIP has potential to serve a greater number and more diverse pool of candidates and contribute more significantly to the long-term economic stability of the region with dedicated external funding. 

For more information about MDIP, please contact Marla D. Bradford, Senior Recruiter Diversity Leader at bradfordm845@duq.edu or 412.396.1403.

To learn how you can become involved with Duquesne's diversity and inclusion initiatives, contact Duquesne's Office of Corporate Relations at 412.396.2631 or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 412.396.1117.