Partnership Profile: Howmet Aerospace

Students examining samples at Powdermill Nature Reserve This summer, students from local high schools spent a week participating in an immersive experience that included on and off campus activities through which they learned about research methods, conducted hands-on activities, experienced life on a college campus, and discovered opportunities in STEM academics and careers.

Each high school student was paired with a student from the Bayer School of Environmental and Natural Sciences who served as a mentor throughout the week as participants developed their own research presentation. The program, which was sponsored through support from Howmet Aerospace, included outings to Powdermill Nature Reserve (PNR), Phipps Conservatory, and Frick Environmental Center, where students collected research samples and visited with experts in STEM fields.

"As a company that relies on the technical expertise of its employees, Howmet Aerospace understands the importance of providing students access to STEM education opportunities," said Duquesne alumna Shannon Connery, B'04, Facilities Manager at Howmet. "This is why the company, through its foundation, supports community partners like Duquesne University, which play a critical role in educating the future workforce."

At PNR, students learned about how stream health influences wildlife and performed stream quality assessments, such as turbidity readings, pH monitoring, and insect counts. At Phipps and the Frick Environmental Center, students learned about water quality, conservation, treatment, and soil health.

"I was able to dive into nature with hands on activities and lectures from people with experience in STEM," said high school student Marina Grado. "This experience not only gave me a feeling of what a college life is like, but also gave me an opportunity to learn about a career I may major in."

Following the off-campus activities, students completed online daily journals and performed laboratory experiments on samples they collected. The week culminated with the high school students sharing their research presentations with their peers.

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