Duquesne Graduates Meeting the Needs of an Evolving Workforce

Duquesne University graduates are well poised to make meaningful contributions to their workplace and communities from the moment they graduate. Whether they go directly into the workforce or go on to pursue further education, our alumni are ready to apply their knowledge.  

Two Duquesne physics alumni recently shared how they capitalized on their experiences both in and out of the classroom as they embarked upon their career goals. 

Julia LimongelliJulia Limongelli graduated from Duquesne in 2014 with a B.A. in Physics and a B.S. in Mathematics. Post-graduation, Julia joined BAE Systems as a Laser Scientist where she conducted research and development of lasers from breadboard proof-of-concept through small form factor prototypes. This entailed hands-on laboratory work, modeling, and business development including the award of a $12M program for which she served as the proposal development manager. Julia has spoken at multiple conferences, including Photonics West - the world's leading photonics technologies event - and holds a US patent for reduction of Yb-to-Er bottlenecking in co-doped fiber laser amplifiers. In 2021, Julia joined Fibertek, Inc., a leader in laser and electro-optics research and development, as a Laser Engineer. Fibertek clients include the Department of Defense, Aerospace, and NASA.

"My education at Duquesne University was broad and gave me a lot of exposure to different technical fields, which helped narrow my career search based on my interests. Once I joined the workforce, the breadth of my education provided a strong foundational understanding of a wide array of topics, including electronics and computer programming. This allowed me to make a larger impact on projects and better interface with my teammates and coworkers. Beyond what I learned in the classroom, my professors encouraged me to not limit my career search and pursue a range of fields with my background. Above all, the representation of women in technical leadership roles at Duquesne University had the most impact. Their example, expertise, and support helped me enter a male-dominant field with confidence."

Gage TiberGage Tiber graduated from Duquesne with a B.S in physics, with minors in Math and Computer Science, from Duquesne University in 2017. He went on to earn a M.S in Clean and Renewable Energy, along with a graduate certificate in Engineering Management, from the University of Dayton in 2019. During his Master's program, Gage worked for Montgomery County Ohio's sustainability initiative, Dayton Regional Green, as a web developer and energy auditing intern. Following his graduation, Gage began his career as a Software Engineer for Veregy, an Energy Service Company.

"I believe the physics department at Duquesne exemplifies everything great about the university as whole. The relatively small size, dedicated professors, and wide opportunities were critical in helping me through my academic journey. The department may be one of the smallest on campus, but with each faculty member having their own research expertise, multiple lab and common areas, and professors that are always willing to talk and provide help, the opportunities the department provides are outstanding. Every physics faculty member I had an interaction with was always helpful, supportive, and encouraging. Additionally, Duquesne's focus on Undergraduate research really promotes an atmosphere of academic inquiry and excellence, especially through programs like the summer Undergraduate Research Program and the spring Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium. I cannot speak highly enough about the experience I had at Duquesne and how it aided and prepared me in my future academic and professional careers."

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