Duquesne Votes

The Duquesne University All In Campus Democracy Challenge Action Plan was developed to: increase civic learning, political engagement, and voting rates for presidential election cycles among our campus community—encouraging participation in the democratic process as a Core Value at Duquesne University.


The Duquesne University Coalition —comprised of staff and faculty representatives from student life, academic affairs, community engagement, mission and identity, the library, center for teaching excellence, global engagement, athletics, and students—develop an action plan to increase our campus community's civic engagement and voter turnout. 

All In Membership

As new members to the All In Democracy Challenge, we do not currently have access to historical student voter engagement data, and therefore, are using the 2020 election to establish our baseline goals. Our goals for our inaugural membership year are:

  • Achieve a 2020 student Voting Rate of 25%.
  • Achieve a 2020 student Registration Rate of 35%.
  • Achieve a 2020 Rate of Registered Students who Voted of 25%.